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  • Restores and preserves the normal fluid levels of the vagina to create a suitable environment for healthy bacteria to grow
  • Treats symptoms of abnormal discharge and smells
  • Used to treat and prevent bacterial infection of the vagina
  • No preservatives present in the ingredients
  • Relactagel can be used during pregnancy

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    Use one of the 5ml tubes of Relactagel per day for 7 days before bed. Take in 1 week cycles when needed.


    Use one of the 5ml tubes of Relactagel per day for 3 days at bedtime. The ideal time to do this is just after menstrual cycle.


    Insert the entire neck of the Relactagel tube into the vagina and squeeze until entire contents have being released. Remove tube and dispose of it. Use at bedtime to avoid gel leakage. A panty liner is also recommended when using relactagel.

    Customer Reviews

    Very Good to use Review by Teresa
    I am very impressed with this, it is easy to use and I find the applicators mean I get the gel right at the top of my v. It is easy to use, and very effective within 2 -3 days, I have found that I have developed a problems with BV since the onset of menopause. The dryness is particularly uncomfortable and the applicators mean that the get can be applied in a comfortable way.
    i hope my Relactagel review helps others like me.
    Great service and fast delivery (Posted on 17/08/2017)

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