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Food Preparation & Storage


Beaba Babycook Duo - Neon

€199.99 €189.99

Steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. XXL Capacity. Steam cooks quickly in 15 minutes: Preserves flavours and vitamins. It guarantees healthy and nutritious meals, preserves the vitamins, to give baby the very best when switching to solids. XXL...

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Clevamama - Clevascoop


ClevaScoop makes the most accurate feed for your baby. Saving you time, money and most of all patience.Reduce the risk of under or over feeding your baby with ClevaScoop™. One easy scooping action is all it takes to prepare your baby’s bottle...

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Fill N Squeeze

Fill 'n' Squeeze Pouch Brush


Product Overview Pouch cleaning brush to help effectively clean all corners of the pouch, cap and spout.Features Flexible wire handle. Bendy handle to reach all corners of pouch. Hanging hole for drying. Insert directly into pouch. How To...

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Fill N Squeeze

Fill 'n' Squeeze Pouch Spoon

€5.99 €5.49

Product Overview A specifically designed weaning spoon which does not touch the surface when laid down and allows you to feed your baby/toddler with just one hand. There is no longer a need to carry multiple feeding utensils simply attach a...

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Fill N Squeeze

Fill 'n' Squeeze Recipe Book

€14.99 €14.49

Product Overview  Recipe book packed with ideas for weaning stage 1 & 2, toddler snacks, yogurts, smoothies and more to be filled in fun reusable pouches.beautiful recipes to get you inspired and many tips to make the most of your Fill n...

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