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Pregnancy Support Belt


Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt

€44.99 €40.99

Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt gives day-long comfort with specific support for most low back and sacroiliac dysfunction, and excellent support for hypermobility, SPD and coxofemoral instability. It is not intended as a cure, but as a day-long helping...

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Carriwell Belly Belt Extender

€21.99 €18.99

The Carriwell Maternity Flexi-Belt turns everyday pants and skirts into maternity wear. This innovative product helps moms-to-be have a preggy wardrobe based on their firm favourites, and in so doing save a small fortune on maternity wear. Each pack...

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Scholl Light LEGS™ Tights (Black Compression Tights)


Scholl Light LEGS™ Tights (Black Compression Tights)

€22.99 €17.99

Great news! Just put on our new Light LEGS™ tights in the morning and off we go! Your legs feel light and look great all day long – simple as that! Compression tights that help boost circulation and give you perfectly shaped legs...

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Deluxe Maternity Belt


Features: Easily adjustable contoured support belt with hook and loop closure Adjustable bi-lateral fulcrum bands give additional support Elastic material gives good support without being restrictive Low profile shape for improved fit when sitting Helps...

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Clippasafe Pregnancy Bump Belt

€32.99 €29.99

Mum's-to-be and blossoming bumps will both benefit from the Clippasafe bump belt, designed to relieve pressure on the abdomen caused by snug seat belts when riding in the car, making every journey as comfy and safe as possible   Features: Protects...

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Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL) Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL) 66fit


Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL)

€37.99 €28.99

The importance of using the Sacroiliac Belt during and, especially, after pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. During pregnancy, the ligaments, under hormonal influences, become lax and stretch to allow the pelvis to spread for delivery. It is...

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Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit Hip Bandit™

€55.99 €49.99

Suitable during pregnancy as a comfortable support for symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) or post pregnancy to guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy size or smaller. Designed to adapt to your changing body, this one size...

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Maternity belts, also known as pregnancy support belts, are a truly worthwhile investment during pregnancy and for the post-delivery period, making your daily life easier and more comfortable. Here at you will find discreet and lifting maternity bands to support you at any stage of the journey: from the gentle hug of a B.D.A. Maternity Tank Top, the medium support of a maternity belt, all the way to Sacroiliac SPD belts to assist the realignment of your pelvis post-partum and beyond.

At we stock a wide range of the acclaimed Belly Bandit pregnancy support apparel, such as the stylish Belly Bandit Flawless Bellypregnancy belly band Belly Bandit Belly Boost and Belly Bandit 2-in-1 Bandit Belly Bandit maternity support belt. We also stock Carriwell Belly Belt Extenders to extend the life of your existing jeans and trousers as your bump grows, Clippasafe Pregnancy Bump Belts to relieve pressure from seat belts- and so much more! Browse our full selection today and order securely: we are Irish-owned and we deliver nationwide.