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Birth Balls


Birth Ball Bundle

€60.00 €44.99

We have bundled the Gymnic Birthing Ball with the Pump & Pregnancy Gymnastics Manual, three great products at a reduced price.   Features: Perfect for Pregnancy & during labour Anti-Burst The Pump uses a double action system which...

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Faster Blaster

Gymnic Pump for Birthing Ball

€12.99 €11.99

The Gymmic Faster Blaster Birthing Ball Pump uses a double action system which pumps on both the up and down stroke, halving inflation time. The Pump features a comfortable handle making it ideal to rapidly inflate small and medium sized birthing balls...

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Gymnic Birthing Ball

€29.99 €27.99

The FitBall® is an exercise ball that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. FitBall’s are often referred to as pregnancy balls as they can be used to perform specific exercises to prepare the body for birth. When sitting on the...

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Pregnancy Gymnastics Manual

€19.99 €15.99

Perform safe exercises for all stages of your pregnancy. Keep you body fit and in shape throughout your pregnancy. Features: Specific for Gymnic Birthing Balls, these exercises can still be used for other Birthing Balls, if safety tips and advice are...

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