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Blood Pressure Monitors


Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

€55.99 €29.99

With high blood pressure being termed the silent killer, it is vital to be aware of your blood pressure readings in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure range. The Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor offers a rapid and accurate oscillometric method...

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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

€59.99 €29.99

For the maintenance of good health and the prevention of ill health, the Blood Pressure Monitor JPD-900W is designed to be worn on the wrist for the rapid and accurate detection of your blood pressure.  Featuring an oscillometric method with...

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Omron Comfort Cuff

€41.99 €35.99

A right cuff fit is most essential for accurate measurement. Therefore the Comfort Cuff fits a larger range of arm sizes: normal and large arms (22 – 42 cm). With this cuff about 96 % of the users will be served with a cuff fitting them. Replacement...

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