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Baby Monitors & Breathing Monitors


Respisense Ditto Breathing Monitor

€129.99 €99.99

The special design of the Respisense Ditto Breathing Monitor helps monitor your baby’s breathing when they are sleeping by sounding an alarm if there is no movement after 20 seconds. The unique ‘use anywhere’ device clips simply onto...

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Snuza® HeroMD Portable Baby Breathing Monitor

MEDICAL DEVICE TO DETECT WHEN YOUR BABY STOPS BREATHING - Gold Winner - Best Technology Accessory- LPD Awards 2017 The Snuza Hero Monitor is a medically certified portable baby breathing monitor. It detects even the slightest movement and...

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Angelcare Movement Monitor AC300

€99.99 €76.99

Do you already have an Angelcare baby sound monitor but want just that extra level of reassurance? Or maybe you have 2 little ones, twins or triplets sleeping in the same room. This Sensor Pad with highly sensitive movement detectors is the perfect...

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