A Nebulizer is a machine that dispenses medicine for asthma or other respiratory conditions (such as COPD, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis, etc.) in a similar way to pocket-size inhalers. Read More

Nebulizers are easier to use during an asthma attack as they don’t require taking a deep breath, unlike pocket-size inhalers. This makes them ideal for young children and for adults with severe conditions. In a Nebulizer machine, pressurized air passes through a tube and turns the liquid medicine into a breathable mist - your doctor will determine which medications you need to take in the nebulizer based on your individual needs.

Here at, we stock some of the best Nebulizers for both children and adults from leading brands. The Omron Pocket Nebuliser MicroAir U100 is a portable nebulizer that can be used anywhere: it is lightweight, battery operated and with average daily use of 30 minutes it will last up to 8 days, providing total independence.

Order your Nebulizer today from – we’re Irish owned and offer Next Working Day Delivery Nationwide from Co. Wicklow when you place your order before 2pm! 

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    Omron Pocket Nebuliser MicroAIR U100 with box Omron Pocket Nebuliser MicroAIR U100

    Omron Pocket Nebuliser MicroAIR U100


    The OMRON MicroAIR U100 is a small and portable nebuliser that can treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma. Operating from 2 AA batteries which, with average daily use of 30 minutes, will last up to 8 days, it provides you with...
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