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Baby Sleep


Replacement Crib Mattress - Fits Babylo Cribs

The Babylo Fibre Cot Mattress is a high density Polyester Pad  mattress that fits the Babylo Crib. giving superb comfort and support for your little one. Features  Water resistant Firm, comfortable fibre core mattress Cover...

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Red Castle Cocoonababy

Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

€169.99 €146.99

Real nest of enlightenment and comfort, the Cocoonababy nest reassures babies and help them adapt smoothly to life after birth. While respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal...

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Chicco Next2Me Crib - Dove Grey

€209.99 €164.00

Gold Winner - Best Crib - LPD Awards 2017 Next2Me is the original side-sleeping crib, created and designed to allow you to sleep next to your baby without sharing the same bed, as recommended by the baby experts. Next2Me is also the lightest travel crib...

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Respisense Ditto Breathing Monitor

€129.99 €99.99

The special design of the Respisense Ditto Breathing Monitor helps monitor your baby’s breathing when they are sleeping by sounding an alarm if there is no movement after 20 seconds. The unique ‘use anywhere’ device clips simply onto...

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Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

€319.99 €299.99

The Smart Sock comfortably wraps around your baby’s foot to track heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep using clinically proven pulse oximetry.  The base station glows green to let you know everything is okay but notifies with lights and...

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Chicco Hug 4 in 1 Legend


Baby Hug 4-in-1 (Legend) by Chicco is a unique multi-functional daytime crib/recliner/highchair or first chair for your little one. It becomes a daytime crib and a recliner, both suitable from birth, and then becomes a convenient highchair and a first...

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Clevamama ClevaFoam® Baby Pillow

€23.99 €21.99

Researched and developed with the University at Trinity College in Dublin, the ClevaFoam® Baby Pillow is the only pillow scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on the back of your baby’s head by 50% and increase support by 80%, thereby...

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Gro Company

Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

€36.99 €27.99

Gro-egg digital room thermometer. Peace of mind at just a quick look - this very clever little grobag egg™ changes colour to let you know whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right. Allowing you to maintain a safe...

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Gro Company

Gro Egg2 Room Thermometer

€36.99 €34.99

The Groegg 2 has all the same qualities of the award-winning, original number one nursery thermometer, but it comes with some additional, improved features for today’s nurseries. Features: Groegg 2 is bigger, better and more stylish Ambient...

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Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

€28.99 €25.99

Product Overview Miracle Swaddling Blanket is made from 100% cotton, designed to fit snugly around your little one and keeps their arms in place without the need for any Velcro or zips. Designed for babies up to 14 weeks. Helps fussy or...

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Gro Company

The Gro Company - Gro Light

€24.99 €17.99

The Gro–light fits easily to your normal overhead light or bedside lamp and fills your baby’s room with a soft glow when you flick the light switch once. Use it as a nightlight, or simply to check on your baby without waking them. Flick the...

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We are all familiar with the expression ‘to sleep like a baby’ – and yet, as any new parent will attest to, it can be extraordinarily difficult to get a baby to sleep! No fear: you’ve come to the right place. At you will find a fantastic selection of award-winning baby sleep products: from cots and cribs (including award-winning co-sleepers) to baby monitors (sound, video and movement) for peace of mind, we’ve got you covered.

We also have a huge variety of sleep accessories available, including the cosiest Grobags to keep baby warm, and a wide range of Night Lights and Sleeping Comforters for safety and comfort. Room too bright? The Gro-Anywhere Blind will take care of that, whether at home or on the go. Room too hot, or too cold? Find out for sure with the GroEgg Room Thermometer. Ensure you have everything in place to secure the most relaxing sleeping conditions for both baby and yourself. Order now direct from Ireland!