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Night Lights & Sleeping Comforters

Gro Company

The Gro Company - Gro Light

€24.99 €17.99

The Gro–light fits easily to your normal overhead light or bedside lamp and fills your baby’s room with a soft glow when you flick the light switch once. Use it as a nightlight, or simply to check on your baby without waking them. Flick the...

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Gro Company


€42.99 €32.99

Platinum Winner - Best Nursery Accessory - LPD Awards 2017 How do you train your children to know when it's time to get up? It's child's play simply tell them to stay in bed until they see the sun! The Gro-Clock uses entertaining images of the stars and...

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Sleepytot Big Bunny Baby Comforter

The Sleepytot Baby Comforter is so much more than just a soft cuddly new friend for your baby. Unique and versatile, Sleepytot will adapt with your baby, providing total comfort from infancy to the toddler years. From birth, Sleepytot is perfect to...

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Pabobo Dream Theater Hippo


pioneer in the use of LED, Pabobo create lights to enhance child and parent well-being. Features  Pabobo’s Dream Theater soothing décor and its lights projections on the ceiling help children drift off to sleep peacefully. It also...

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Sleepytot Big Bunny Baby Comforter with baby Sleepytot Big Bunny Baby Comforter


Sleepytot Big Bunny Baby Comforter - Grey

€15.99 €14.99

The gorgeous Sleepytot Baby Comforter is available in beautifully soft velour to soothe your baby, giving them something to cuddle and hold. It doubles up as a soother saver too, helping them find it themselves should they drop it in the cot, and...

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