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Door Safety


Babydan Finger Safe - 2 Pack


Baby Dan Finger Safe is a child proofing door stopper. The Finger Safe is mounted on the side of the door and therefore preventing the door from slamming and possibly squeezing the fingers of your child. Features: Protects little fingers from being...

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Babydan Under Door Stop


The BabyDan under door stopper from Baby Dan is easy to use and super safe. It allows the door to be safely positioned e.g. halfway open and is easy to release again Features: The Baby Dan 2-way door stopper is the perfect product to protect...

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Dreambaby Under Door Gripper

€6.99 €5.99

Dreambaby® Door Grippers offer a practical, common sense solution to an age-old problem and help prevent curious little ones from serious injury during play or if a sudden gust of wind blows the door closed. Just slip it under the door. Assists in...

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BabyDan Key Guard

€7.99 €5.99

KeyGuard is a unique and effective solution to keep children from unlocking doors or locking themselves inside a room Features: Key Guard prevents a child from opening a door whilst the key is in the lock Key Guard fits over a yale or chubb style key...

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At we stock anything you might need for Baby Proofing Your Home, from Cupboard & Drawer Locks to Stair Gates. Child Door Safety is of paramount importance in this context, for security and to avoid baby’s little fingers from getting caught. Your Baby Door Safety plan should start with a stopper like the BabyDan Finger Safe or the Dreambaby Door Stopper. These childproof door stoppers will slot easily on the top or side of most doors, avoiding any accidental closures. The BabyDan Under Door Stop and the Dreambaby Under Door Gripper are practical under door solutions, easily placed to keep the door open or ajar, and easy to release again by adults. Finally, a key guard like the BabyDan Key Guard will protect your children from opening the door or locking themselves into a room. The BabyDan Key Guard fits over Yale or Chubb-style locks and works on the same principle as a medicine bottle cap. With these small but important door safety elements in place, you will be able to enjoy your home space with complete peace of mind. Shop our door safety products now, and get next day delivery to Ireland!