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Banister & Driveway Safety


KidKusion 18ft Driveway Guard Black

€189.99 €159.99

Product Overview The Kidkusion 18ft Driveway Guard is a retractable safety guard that establishes a boundary between your children and dangerous areas like patio floors, roadsides and traffic when playing in the driveway or  garden. The guard is...

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KidKusion Banister Guard

€54.99 €49.99

The KidKusion Banister Guard is a safety essential for all households that have wide gaps on bannister posts on staircases and/or landings.KidKusion Banister Guard prevents children from putting arms and legs through the railings on that balcony or loft...

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Once baby enters your world, the importance of babyproofing your home cannot be overstated. This becomes all the more important in potentially hazardous areas such as driveways and balconies. In addition to other Baby Safety essentials, at you will be able to find protective guards for both driveway and banister safety.

Prevent serious accidents on balconies with a KidKusion Banister Guard is a clear plastic guard that will prevent children from putting their arms and legs through the banister, while also preventing them from throwing toys from a height. The KidKusion Banister Guard is easy to attach, and comes with tie-straps included. The KidKusion 18ft Driveway Guard Black is a weather-proof, retractable safety guard for patio floors, roadsides, driveways or  gardens. It is mounted into the ground with two sturdy ground sleeves for an effective visual barrier that can also retract back into its canister for easy storage.

Keep your child safe with a balcony or banister guard: order today for next day delivery on all Irish orders!