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Belly Wraps


Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt

€44.99 €40.99

Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt gives day-long comfort with specific support for most low back and sacroiliac dysfunction, and excellent support for hypermobility, SPD and coxofemoral instability. It is not intended as a cure, but as a day-long helping...

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Carriwell - Belly Binder

€45.99 €38.99

The soft breathable organic cotton is ideal for wearing after a c-section or a natural birth and the wide Hook & Loop band allows for maximum adjustability and comfort. Features: Shape: Helps flatten your belly by encouraging your stomach to...

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Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL) Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL) 66fit


Sacroiliac Belt 66fit Elite (L/XL)

€37.99 €28.99

The importance of using the Sacroiliac Belt during and, especially, after pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. During pregnancy, the ligaments, under hormonal influences, become lax and stretch to allow the pelvis to spread for delivery. It is...

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Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit Hip Bandit™

€55.99 €49.99

Suitable during pregnancy as a comfortable support for symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) or post pregnancy to guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy size or smaller. Designed to adapt to your changing body, this one size...

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At you will find a full range of Post Pregnancy Essentials to ensure that your post partum body is as comfortable and supported as it can possibly be. Our Belly Wraps section brings together some of the best post-pregnancy belly supports on the market from brand leaders such as Belly Bandit. Postpartum Belly Bands such as the Carriwell Belly Binder or the Belly Bandit Bamboo – Post Pregnancy will guide your hips to their pre-pregnancy state or even smaller. The Belly Bandit Belly Shield is instead to be worn underneath your belly wrap. The Belly Shield will help protect and restore your skin with the help of its trademark WonderWeave™. This comfortable, breathable fabric was created to keep moisturizers (such as moisturizers, stretch marks and maternity skincare or scar treatment after a C-section) on your skin and off of your belly wrap, or clothes. And if you need firmer support in case of backache, check out the Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt or the 66fit Elite Sacroiliac Support Belt: it will provide fully adjustable support and compression to the pelvic area to help relieve lower back and hip pain.

Postpartum belly bands will aid your recovery post pregnancy. Get next day delivery in Ireland when you order before 2pm. Order today!