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Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test



Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test - 10 Tests

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test - 10 Tests



Clearblue Fertility Advanced Monitor

Clearblue Fertility Advanced Monitor



Clearblue Pregnancy Test - 2 Tests

Clearblue Pregnancy Test - 2 Tests



Clearblue Pregnancy Test - 1 Test

Clearblue Pregnancy Test - 1 Test




Clearblue is the world’s best-selling brand of home pregnancy and fertility tests and the brand with the most expertise. Clearblue provides accurate results in a convenient way. At we currently offer:

> Clearblue Pregnancy Tests

> Clearblue Ovulation Tests

> Clearblue Fertility Monitor

5,000 women contribute to the development of each Clearblue product and Clearblue will quality check around 30,000 tests before a new product is launched. Altogether 120,000 women from 10 countries have participated in Clearblue clinical research so you can rest assured you are buying a quality product.

Clearblue Pregnancy Tests

Over 99% accurate, easy to use and easy to read

The ethos at Clearblue is that when a woman suspects she might be pregnant she needs a result she can be confident in and act on. That is why all Clearblue pregnancy tests deliver over 99% accuracy from the day your period is due; they can be used up to 4 days before the period is due and are designed to be easy to use and read.

Clearblue Ovulation Tests

Maximises your chances of getting pregnant naturally

Once you've decided you're ready to get pregnant there are certain steps you can take to help you along the way. Most couples are unaware that there are only a few days every cycle in which a woman is fertile and it is not always that easy to identify those days. Clearblue offers a wide range of products to help you better understand your body's ovulation cycle and identify your fertile days to maximise your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Use an Ovulation Test and have sex on your most fertile days.

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally by 89%

In a Clearblue study, women using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor had a better chance of conceiving than women not using the Monitor.

It identifies typically 6 high and peak fertility days, more than any ovulation test, and therefore shows you more days where you have an opportunity to conceive.