The 8 Biggest Lessons We Learned About Our Health in 2015

What did 2015 mean to you? Every year brings with it a new set of surprises some welcome and some particularly if associated with your health, not so welcome. As we age our focus may shift, we go from preventative health measures to curative health procedures, with each year delivering a lesson not previously learnt. In 2015, the most talked about, Googled and media focused health issues debated included:

High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is the leading cause of strokes and heart disease in both men and women and over half the Irish population aged 50 and over suffer with it. With over 1 in 3 people not aware that they have high blood pressure, it is termed the “the silent killer” as there are no obvious symptoms and when left untreated can result in heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease and there is now new evidence to suggest it influences the onset of vascular dementia. Monitor your blood pressure at home with a wrist blood pressure monitor for quick results, putting your health firmly in your control.

STI’s on the Rise

Did you know there has been a sharp increase in sexually transmitted diseases in Ireland over the past decade? From Gonorrhea to Chlamydia and Syphilis, Ireland has experienced a higher rate of infection relative to its population according to the European Centre for Disease Control. The number of Irish cases of Gonorrhea grew from 270 to 1,264 between 2004 and 2013 with Chlamydia reported as the most common sexually transmitted disease with cases growing from 2,803 to 6,230. Protect your sexual health with the humble Condom and browse our sexual health section to enhance and protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases as you engage in sexual activity.

Did Someone Say Breast Feeding?

Not a day goes by without reference to breast feeding and the ongoing persecution of women who feed their child while out in public. Harking back to almost Victorian values, the media continues to feed the breast feeding frenzy with article after article of misconception and misrepresentation, totally ignoring the benefits such as enhanced immune systems, convenience for both mother and baby, and now with evidence to show that breast milk may prevent childhood leukemia and dental problems , we should be applauding and supporting all women who make this choice. If you wish to breastfeed and ensure your baby receives your milk at every opportunity we have a range of award winning  breastpumps from Ardo and Lansinoh both manual and electric to suit all needs, mothers and babies.

The Link Between Processed Foods & Cancer

In October, the World Health Organisation published a warning linking processed meats with an increased risk of cancer. Thousands of Irish mammies put the rashers down, but it was stated that it was not only bacon, sausage and hot dogs that carried such a risk but the eating of red meat, was also a factor in a raised colorectal cancer risk. And to round the good news off for those who love a medium-to-rare sirloin, a study in August also linked processed meats to  fertility problems in men. However, the experts have said we can all enjoy the occasional fry – just not on a regular basis.

Boost your Fertility

Did you know that 1-in-6 Irish couples will experience fertility issues that may prevent or prolong a successful conception? With many factors at play from genetics, to lifestyle, hormonal imbalances and ovulation irregularities, fertility remains an emotive subject for the thousands who struggle to conceive in Ireland every year. At we are proud stockists of Pre-Conceive Fertility Supplement, a comprehensive nutritional supplement for both men and women that address fertility issues such as sperm motility and egg and uterine health. Browse our Trying to Conceive section for our full range of fertility enhancing supplements , products and aids.

Be Your True Self at all Times

2015 saw an overwhelming acceptance and support for those amongst the community that had previously been marginalised. From the worldwide attention and acceptance of the gender transition affected by Caitlyn Jenner to the awe inspiring vote for Same Sex Marriage in Ireland, 2015 was a year to truly celebrate who you are. At we applaud you all.

Heart Disease & Stroke

90% of Irish Women are not Aware that Heart Disease & Stroke are the Biggest Causes of Death Amongst Irish Women

Every year more than 10,000 people in Ireland suffer a stroke. It is the biggest cause of disability and the third biggest cause of death in Ireland. The risk of stroke is increased by various health concerns such as:

Control these influencing factors by using home health products such as blood pressure monitors and cholesterol monitoring systems.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The World Health Organisation states that mental health and well-being are fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans to think, emote, interact with each other, earn a living and enjoy life. 2015 saw the rise of “Mindfulness” a much-practiced form of meditation and relaxation that focuses on the breath. Globally accepted without the stigma often associated with mental health therapies, mindfulness is a preventative therapy that has become so widespread that the UK are looking to include it in the primary school curriculum. Check out our Personal Care and Lifestyle sections for products to support a more relaxed, balanced you, and if you need to talk, call the Samaritans today on 116 123 for advice.

22nd Mar 2018

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