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Moving back home from the hospital, you are likely to be completely absorbed by the needs of your newborn baby. However, don’t forget to give some care and attention to yourself as well: after all, no one can drink from an empty well!

While it’s great to have someone (ideally family) near you, or even staying with you, to help out during the first week at home with baby, don’t be afraid to keep visits to a minimum: your friends and family will understand. If possible, make mealtimes easy for you with a stocked up fridge and frozen dinners at the ready for the first week, so you don’t have to worry about cooking and you can spend more time sleeping, recovering and bonding with baby.

Remember that your body has just gone through an incredible amount of physical and emotional work, so be gentle with it. To help it recover make sure to snack as regularly and as healthily as you can, to drink plenty of fluids (plain water is best), and to take some specifically formulated post-natal Vitamins like Pregnacare New Mum or Zita West Revital Essence, which contain nutrients such as Vitamin B, important for breastfeeding, and Zinc, which promotes healing.

After childbirth you are likely to be experiencing some stress incontinence, caused by the muscles of your pelvic floor that have become stretched throughout pregnancy and delivery. These now need some time (and Kegel exercises) to go back to being toned and supporting your bladder properly.

While Kegels are easy enough to do, it can be confusing to know whether you are doing them correctly or not. A Pelvic Toner can come in handy for this purpose: and with an easy-to-use device like the Sensatone Digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator the probe does all the work! Its small, compact size makes it super discreet, too.

And whether you are looking for a Belly Bandit or a C-Section belt, we also stock a great selection of Post-Pregnancy Support products to see you safely and comfortably through the first few weeks as a new mum.

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14th Feb 2020 Susanna

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