The Ultimate Pregnancy To-Do List: First Trimester

Congratulations! And so the journey begins. The first weeks and months of pregnancy are both exciting and exhausting, full of new experiences, challenges and the unknown. So from confirming your pregnancy through to arranging your prenatal appointment, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the first trimester in organised style.

Confirm Your Pregnancy
Missed your periods? Experiencing any weird symptoms? Suspect you’re pregnant? Confirming your pregnancy can be done via a few ways from blood tests to the ultra-convenient, non-invasive at home pregnancy test. Most pregnancy tests can accurately detect signs of pregnancy from the week after your period is due which is two weeks post ovulation. If you simply can’t wait the Clearblue Digital Plus Pregnancy Test can actually detect your pregnancy as early as 4 days before your period is due!

Are You Taking Your Prenatal Vitamin?

Boost any nutritional gaps in your diet with a quality Prenatal Vitamin. Ideally the most crucial of all prenatal vitamins, folic acid such as Kelkin Folic Acid, should be started at least 3 months prior to falling pregnant, but it’s never too late to start. Making a prenatal vitamin part of your pregnancy must-do list is even more vital for women with particular diets, dietary restrictions, health issues or pregnancy complications. The Zita West – Vital Essence 1 is designed to cater for all your nutritional needs throughout the entire first trimester.

Make a Prenatal Appointment

Have you made your prenatal appointment? In the flurry of feel good fuzziness it’s important to arrange an appointment with your health care provider and quickly. Be prepared and write down the first day of your last period so that your doctor can determine your due date and discuss both your own and your partner’s family medical histories and in particular any genetic abnormalities, so further tests if needed can be arranged.

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Time for the Maternity Underwear
Courtesy of rapid hormonal changes, you will notice a number of breast changes in the first few weeks of pregnancy, with the most noticeable being tenderness, sensitivity and enlargement! And the size of your breasts will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy just as your stomach does, meaning one thing – support! A quality supportive maternity bra and support panties will alleviate stress and pressure and as your abdomen grows supports such as the Carriwell Belly Belt Extender can literally take a load off!

Prepare To Hear Baby

As your pregnancy progresses throughout the first trimester, your little kidney bean develops rapidly forming vital bodily processes etc. and there is no better time than now to have a little listen in. Ultrasounds are commonly used by doctors to determine due dates and sizes but a Fetal Doppler Monitor can give you a true personal experience in bonding with your very little one and this can be done in the privacy of your own home. From massaging your burgeoning belly with a Tummy Rub Oil to sneaking a listen to your kidney beans heartbeat. This is the time to start the bonding process in style.

Morning Sickness

Very few first trimesters pass without a dose of dreaded “morning sickness, in fact up to three quarters of all pregnant women are affected. This can be a challenge but there are ways to lessen its impact, if it’s a mild case simply adjusting diet may help, swapping the curries for bland, room-temperature meals. Ginger, even acupressure bands may help some women, but complementing your diet with a pregnancy specific nutritional supplement may provide some relief particularly those that feature vitamin B6 such as the Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus.

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Choose a Baby Name

While enjoying the throes of your first trimester, pass those less than easy days (thanks “all day sickness”) with choosing a baby name! Even though you have plenty of time, picturing your brand new baby is much more fun if you can call them by name. Try our “Choose a baby name, tips and tricks”. See you in trimester two!

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22nd Mar 2018

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