The Ultimate Pregnancy To-Do List: Second Trimester

First trimester done! Second trimester settling in, but the great news is this trimester is commonly called the “honeymoon period”. Weeks 13 to 27 usually play host to a return of your sex drive, the pregnancy glow makes a radiant appearance, nausea begins to subside and emotions start to even out. The second trimester is also the time when you’ll start to feel your growing baby’s first movements, so with all this excitement we’ve got a guide to help you keep track of some second trimester to-do’s.

All about the second-trimester prenatal visits
The ultimate goal of prenatal care is to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy throughout the duration of your pregnancy. During the second trimester, you will visit your doctor at least once every four weeks (if you have a condition or complications you may require more frequent check-ups). During these visits, you will have blood tests such as the glucose screening test which checks for gestational diabetes, and you may be offered if relevant further screening tests such as amniocentesis to test for chromosomal abnormalities, genetic disorders and neural tube defects. During this trimester, you will get to know baby through ultrasound and the vibrant, comforting sound of baby’s heartbeat through a Fetal Doppler.

It’s time for maternity clothes

The majority of mums-to-be begin to look pregnant between weeks 12 and 18. Now is the time to look for comfort and support in underwear and clothes specifically designed to carry you throughout your pregnancy. The secret to a maternity wardrobe is to have key pieces that will offer support for the whole nine months such as a great maternity bra that supports your ever-growing breasts and a maternity support band that relieves discomfort from both your stomach and back.

Do you want to know the sex of your baby?
Is it a boy? Is it a girl? No, it’s superman or maybe – it’s a supergirl?! The sex of your baby is such a wonderful surprise that in a recent poll 64% of mums-to-be wanted to find out the sex of their baby, while 36% said they preferred to wait. During the second trimester you will have detailed ultrasounds which will be able to clearly detect the sex of your baby, so if you’re one of the 36% that prefer to wait, make sure to tell your caregiver/technician that you don’t want to know. It is exciting stuff after all!

Get your teeth cleaned
Dental hygiene
is vital to your well-being throughout your pregnancy, as not only is it perfectly safe to have your teeth professionally cleaned during pregnancy it is highly recommended. Research has suggested an association between gum disease and a risk of pre-term labour, and by visiting your dentist on a regular basis you can help to avoid this risk.

Best sleep position during pregnancy

Once you have hit the mid-pregnancy mark it’s recommended that you avoid sleeping on your back as this can reduce blood flow between yourself and baby, limiting nutrients, oxygen and circulation. By sleeping on your side particularly the left side you can improve the blood flow to your placenta, limit swelling and support easier breathing. To ensure you sleep safely and comfortably on your side, you can use a pregnancy pillow that moulds to the body, supporting the legs, hips, back and bump.

Have you started your Kegel exercise?

A strong pelvic floor not only supports you throughout pregnancy, and aids in an easier labour, but it is shown the strengthening of the pelvic muscles effectively prevents urine leakage both during and post pregnancy, helps keep haemorrhoids at bay while improving the muscle tone of your vagina, ensuring heightened sexual experiences. Kegel exercises are a must-do for all women.

Eat healthy
Did someone say food? Eating a healthy balanced diet is paramount during the second trimester. You need an additional 300 calories per day to sustain both you and baby. The trick is to make sure those calories feature vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that support the optimal health for the two of you. If morning sickness is still an issue or there are dietary limitations why not try a nutritional supplement formulated for the second trimester or keep a log so that can keep track of what you need or what you may lack on a day to day basis. See you in trimester 3!

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22nd Mar 2018

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