10 Essential Items For Your Hospital Bag

Regardless of whether it’s your first, second, third or tenth child, the hospital bag is a valuable lifeline and comforting connection to normality for the days you remain in hospital after giving birth. It’s never too early to have your bag prepared even if you don’t plan on having a hospital birth, as the unexpected can occur, so having your bag ready from the 36 week mark should have you well prepared for any eventuality or an early appearance! Many expectant mums will prepare a labour and a baby bag, however, this list has been compiled with your needs in mind. Let’s take a look.

#1. Birth plan and maternity notes.

#2. Birth ball. This may help you to labour more effectively. Some hospitals may have them but to ensure the right size for you, it’s best to take your own. Don’t forget to pack the pump just in case.

#3. TENS machine. If your birth plan centres on a natural labour, the TENS machine can deliver a side effective free, natural pain relief action that you can control.

#4. Pillow. Not only to provide familiar support during your labour, a pregnancy pillow will give you extra support as you begin to breastfeed your baby post birth.

#5. Old nightdress or T-shirt to wear in labour. For the labour itself, it’s best to use something old or a t-shirt that you won’t mind throwing away as it can get messy, throw away underwear is also ideal for the first few days. Save the good stuff for the post-natal ward and showing baby off in style.

#6. Maternity Pads. Post-delivery you will experience a heightened bleed for a couple of days, be optimally prepared with specifically created maternity pads designed to absorb heavy flow with ease and comfort.

#7.Breast Pads. As your milk comes in after the birth be best prepared by stashing a pack of breast pads in your bag to prevent tell-tale wet spots and leakage.

#8.Lip Balm. Hospitals tend to dry out the skin and during the labouring process you will get thirsty and your lips will dry. A moisturising lip balm will keep your lips moist and hydrated when you’re on a warm labour ward. It’s the little one percenters that make the difference.

#9. Dressing Gown: Cover up in style if you end up pacing hospital corridors in early labour with a comfy dressing gown. You will also need one on the postnatal ward, taking into consideration that hospitals can be very warm, a lightweight dressing gown may be more suitable. A dark colour or heavily patterned one will also help disguise any stains should they occur.

#10. Mobile phone and charger. Not only offering apps that can help time your contractions, taking photos of baby and spreading the news, your mobile phone is a must-have accessory as you document this amazing day. Just don’t forget your charger.

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22nd Mar 2018

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