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Tens Machine


Inhealth, Ireland stock a range of Tens Machines for labour. Most of these specialised tens machines are designed for use only during labour, and are sometimes called pregnancy tens machines, maternity tens machines or even obstetric tens machines. Labour tens machines provide a natural form of pain relief during labour, and can be used along with air, gas and pethidine. Inhealth stock three tens machines for labour – MediTens (our best seller!), Obi Tens and Elle Tens. All of these Tens Machines are delivered the next day from Inhealth Ireland’s warehouse in Dublin... Read more


Elle Tens ( More Control For Labour + Booster)

The Elle TENS Digital can be used at the onset of labour. Apply the 4 pads to your back as shown in the accompanying instructions and switch the Elle TENS unit on. You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation; this will help to increase your own pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins. When experiencing a contraction, simply press the boost button for the extra surge of power needed to combat the pain. When the contraction ends, press the boost button again and restart the cycle.

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Obi Tens ( Simple/Great Value + Booster)

Obi Tens ( Simple/Great Value + Booster)

Painful moments during labour, post labour pain such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more.

The Obi TENS is simple, versatile and perfect for those painful moments during labour. It is one of the most effective, portable, affordable TENS machines available today.

What it includes

  • 4 large electrode pads 40 x 100 mm
  • 2 leads + 1 spare
  • 2 AA batteries + 2 spare
  • Instruction manual

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BodyClock Rectangular Electrodes 40mm X 100mm (4 Pack)

Body Clock Rectangular Electrodes 40mm X 100mm

These Body Clock Rectangular Electrodes make the perfect supplemental addition to any TENS or EMS unit. Each electrode is self-adhesive for maximum convenience which means no tape or gel is needed – just remove the backing strip and attach as needed.


Suitable for Labour TENS Machines

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Pals Blue Electrodes For Sensitive Skin 5Cm X 5Cm

Pals Blue Electrodes For Sensitive Skin 5Cm X 5Cm

Designed for all FES and TENS mschines, PALS® Blue neurostimulation electrodes combine a patented stainless steel knit cloth and hydrogel construction with an exclusive impedance compensation system.

  • The gel of choice for extremely sensitive skin.
  • Adheres through body hair.
  • Patented stainless steel fabric for optimum conductivity and conformity.
  • Designed for TENS and muscle stimulation applications.
  • Each pack contains 4 electrodes sized 5cm x 5cm

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Maternity Tens Machines

A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is specifically designed to block pain signals to the brain via the stimulation and release of endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers. A TENS machine combats pain throughout your pregnancy affecting the way pain signals are sent and received to the brain. Research indicates that pain signals reach the brain via sensory nerves along the spinal cord and if those signals are blocked then the brain receives fewer signals from the source of the pain. offers a selection of TENS machines from the market leaders in the field from brands such as Meditens, Obi Tens, Elle Tens and Smart Tens, to support you through your pregnancy and as a major form of pain relief during labour. So how does a TENS machine work, and what are the benefits of using one?

How does a TENS machine work?

When you put your TENS machine on a high pulse rate it triggers your ‘pain gate’ to close. This blocks the nerve pathways to the brain. When you set your TENS machine on to a low pulse rate it stimulates the body into making its own pain relieving chemicals called ‘endorphins’. This acts as a natural alternative to morphine in blocking the body’s pain signals.

What are the benefits of TENS machines?

  • Totally safe and drug free
  • You are always in control
  • There are no side effects for the baby or yourself.
  • You can continue to be mobile whilst using your machine
  • If needed you can use in combination with pain relieving drugs such as pethadine, gas and air
  • It is extremely effective if used from the onset of labour. Once you have arrived at the correct strength of the current, the pain relieving effects can be felt immediately.

Can provide a safe natural pain relief for the body as your pregnancy progresses without any medicinal intervention