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Birth Balls

Birthing balls or birth balls are used as an aid to women while pregnant, during labour, and also after the birth as an exercise aid. They look exactly the same as exercise balls, but are designed to deflate slowly if punctured and to be non-slip. Many women find them particularly helpful while taking gentle exercise or doing yoga during pregnancy. Birth balls / birthing balls are available from The Miracle Box in 2 sizes: 55cm ball if you are 5’5” / 165cm and under, and a 65cm birthing ball if you are 5’6” / 167.5cm - 6’’1” / 185.5cms. The Miracle Box birthing ball is anti-burst and non-slip. Birthing balls are delivered the next day from Inhealth, Ireland. See further information on birthing balls below... Read more

Miracle Box : Birthing Ball & Total Guide

Miracle Box : Birthing Ball & Total Guide



Miracle Box - Peanut Birth Ball 50cm

Miracle Box - Peanut Birth Ball 50cm



Birth Balls

Just like sleeping comfortably, sitting comfortably can become more of a challenge as the pregnancy progresses. Courtesy of your growing baby and bell , extra weight can cause discomfort and muscle strain on the lower back and pelvic areas, so when comfort seems almost unattainable, it’s time for a birthing ball! The Miracle Box Birthing Ball, used extensively throughout the UK’s maternity wards, is proudly stocked by as it moulds to your shape, delivering comfort and firmness to support your back and pelvic area with ease. The use of a birthing ball during your pregnancy has shown that benefits including the maintenance of good posture, increasing blood flow to the uterus, placenta and growing baby, relieves pressure on the spin, perineum and thighs and will actually increase the pelvic diameter, encouraging your baby to descend in an optimal birthing position.

What is in the Miracle Box?

  • > One high quality anti-burst birthing ball with dual action pump.
  • > The Miracle Box Ball is safety tested and is rated with a maximum load of 300kg burst resistant.
  • > Is perfect for use in the birthing centre during labour, and for working out, yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy. Can also be used as an ergonomic chair.
  • > Contains information Sheets on Birth & Labour Positions using a Birth Ball
  • > Conforms to EU medical devices directive.
  • > An informative and inspirational DVD “A Simple Guide to Pelvic & Core Exercises.
  • > Demonstrates how to identify and address abdominal separation through simple, straightforward exercise.
  • > Instructs on how to perform simple pelvic floor and core exercises (running time is 20 minutes)
  • > Includes 3 x A2 exercise wall charts for easy to follow instruction that show safe and effective pregnancy, post natal and advanced toning and stretching exercises.
  • > Created by pre and post natal exercise specialists.
  • > Vital information on Optimal Foetal Positioning
  • > Late Pregnancy Postures.
  • > Manoeuvring your baby into the best positions for birth.
  • > Series of helpful photographs and descriptions to help you during the labour and birth of your baby.
  • > 3 Totally unique Downloadable PDF's ideal for working mums that instruct on: Stretching your back, neck and shoulders
  • > Shows you how to increase your flexibility
  • > Increase your energy at the desk - Simple exercises to perform at your desk or workstation - perfect for when you are feeling tired or stressed.