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Carriwell Maternity Support Band



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The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band is uniquely designed for discreet, warm and comfortable support of your back and tummy. This is achieved by gently lifting weight off the pelvis and supporting your lower back. Preventive or therapeutic, the band reduces the risk of muscle strain and helps to relieve existing discomfort or pain.


  • The unique knitting process ensures no roll-down effect.

  • Can be worn discreetly under tight clothing i.e. seamless.

  • Fits comfortably over your tummy and will not irritate your skin.

  • Feather soft and breathable fabric provides warmth in the targeted areas.

  • Extra stretch over your bump and gentle firm support below and to the sides.

  • The thicker fabric on the back ensures warmth and support of lower back.

  • The further along in your pregnancy you are; the more support you need.

  • The maternity support band gently increases support as your tummy grows.

  • Doubles as a clever band to hold jeans, skirts and pants up, simply stretch the band over the top of your jeans and the band will hide the opening and hold your jeans in place!

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The maternity support band offers discreet support of your back and tummy during pregnancy. Smooth and seamless, it is comfortable and will not roll down.

Consider the impact your tummy will have on your lower back as it expands with the growth of your baby. Consider supportive pants, support belts and bands that will offer comfortable support to both your back and your belly.

  • The unique knitting process ensures no roll down effect

  • Fits comfortably over your tummy and will not irritate your skin

  • Seamless, discreet under clothing

  • Velvety soft and sleek microfibre fabric



* Due to hygienic reasons, this product is excluded from our general return policy. If returned to us it will be discarded and NO
refunds or exchanges will be issued, regardless of condition or packaging.


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Customer Reviews

Love Love Review by Rachel
Carriwell Maternity Support Band made me feel so much better with my second, I felt like my stomach muscles had nothing left to give and as a nurse I needed support for twelve hour shift! They for so comfy and 2 made it through the entire pregnancy. (Posted on 23/04/2015)

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