Warning Kegel8 may Improve your Sex Life and Enhance your Libido!

Remember sex? Those distant memories of intimacy that once brought a smile to your face and a spring in your pedometer monitored step? If the days of carefree sexual activity have passed and the thought is more painful than pleasurable, perhaps the Kegel8 can save the day? Did you know that if your pelvic floor has been weakened, it can lessen the sensation of an orgasm? Oh! The horror! Unfortunately, it is a natural process. Over time, the pelvic muscles may weaken as a result of child birth, the ageing process, weight gain or trauma, and the everyday stresses of life can impact the strength and flexibility of your pelvic floor.

So where does sex fit into all of this? How does a Kegel8 improve your libido and sex life? As women it is well documented that we respond differently to sexual stimuli, with enhanced sexual activity beginning in the brain! However, if your pelvic floor muscles have weakened, the sensations of sex are decreased, and the battle between what we see and what we can actually feel begins. Sadly, for many women the lack of intimate sensation proves an absolute mood killer, with a loss of libido and a lack of interest in intimacy following. So ladies if the sexual activities have lacked in sensation recently, lets’ boost that libido by strengthening the pelvic floor – after all, the pelvic floor is the epicentre of sexual sensation . This is where the Kegel8 and its pelvic floor muscle toning and strengthening abilities comes into play – literally.

Research shows that if our pelvic floor muscles are strong and we can squeeze for Ireland, we will with no doubt experience a strong orgasm, so not only will strengthening the pelvic floor enhance your libido and increase sexual sensation, it will also prevent incontinence, prolapse, embarrassment and keep your body and mind fit both in an out of the boudoir!

Kegel8 – How can it improve my libido?

Enhanced sensation in the pelvic floor area stems from a toned and strong pelvic floor, alongside optimal blood circulation. Sex experts the world over suggest taking a hot bath to increase sexual sensation, why you may ask? To feel clean, fresh and raring to go? Actually no – it’s so the hot water stimulates the circulation of blood in the pelvic area, gorging the pelvic area and clitoris with blood (similar to the male erection) and enabling the blood to flow which leads to a greater sexual sensation . Everything a woman needs for stronger more satisfying orgasms!

The Kegel8 effectively strengthens and tones the pelvic floor muscles, encouraging increased circulation and that all important blood flow . stock the market leading Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner , designed to deliver 20 pre-programmed sensations, exercise and pain-killing programmes. Specifically created to meet the needs of all women as it reactivates intimate sensation, tightens the vaginal walls and ultimately ensures stronger orgasms. And as we like to share our good fortune, the pelvic floor muscles as they strengthen will enable you to close tightly around your partner increasing the sexual sensation and experience for you both, creating orgasm-soaring friction that will amplify both yours and your partner’s orgasms. The Kegel8 is a win-win for everyone!

So grab yourself a Kegel8 whether to reduce incontinence or prevent prolapse or simply to strengthen the pelvic floor area for an easier birth. Whatever the reason, don’t forget the brilliant side-effect everyone is talking about – an improved libido and heightened sexual response. Browse our collection of Kegel8 exercise machines now!

22nd Mar 2018

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