SPD in Pregnancy (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)

Experienced in about 1 out of 300 pregnancies, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is a fairly common condition, with some experts raising that figure to 25 percent of all pregnant women.

What is SPD?

To prepare for delivery and giving birth, the body produces a hormone called Relaxin to soften the ligaments in the Symphysis Pubis, the joint which connects the two halves of the pelvis. If the ligaments become too relaxed and stretchy too soon before birth, the pelvic joint can become unstable, causing discomfort and sometimes pain.

Symptoms of SPD include pain in the pubic area and back, difficulty walking and a clicking or grinding sensation of the pelvis. For some women the pain or discomfort can also radiate to the upper thighs. The pain can worsen at night, turning over in bed, or during activities that involve lifting one leg at a time, such as climbing stairs, getting in and out of a car, etc.

Help for SPD Pain

In addition to some gentle exercises or specific physiotherapy sessions, a Sacroiliac SPD Belt is the best-known product that can help to relieve SPD pain during pregnancy, and help the body recover after birth.

An SPD belt will support the back and hold the sacroiliac and pubic joints together, managing pain and reducing the risk of further damage. At you can find a variety of great pregnancy support belts to help you manage the pain of SPD and go about your day in safety and comfort.

Breathable and hypoallergenic, the Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt can be worn both during and after pregnancy, and it is designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints. Its 3” wide belt is invisible when worn under most clothing and will provide day-long comfort and support for lower back and sacroiliac paint.

Also suitable during pregnancy as well as post-birth, and designed to adapt to your changing body, the Belly Bandit Hip Bandit can be worn over or under clothes, and is comfortable enough to wear while you sleep.

If you are pregnant and in need of relief from pelvic pain, a Sacroiliac Belt will help. Order yours today from for next day delivery!

21st Aug 2019 Susanna

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