The ability to breathe naturally is a privilege many of us take for granted, unfortunately for the millions of people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema and other respiratory disorders, it’s not so straightforward. Statistics from the Irish Thoracic Society show that Ireland currently has the second highest incidence of respiratory disease throughout the EU, with respiratory disease the direct cause of one in five deaths in Ireland. Conditions such as asthma, bronchial disease, cystic fibrosis and even allergies can turn the simple task of breathing into a daily challenge and in turn may lead to debilitating and serious health complications.

With respiratory disease deaths exceeding those of coronary artery disease in Ireland it has never been more crucial to ensure personalised respiratory therapy is delivered efficiently and as effectively as possible with the delivery of prescribed medication to the bronchi and bronchioles in the lower respiratory tract. At we are proud stockists of the OMRON range of portable nebulisers, designed to provide instantaneous relief to the sufferer, wherever they may be. The OMRON collection cleverly converts the medication in to an aerosolised form for rapid delivery, liquidizing medication into a fine mist of microscopic particles that is then easily and rapidly inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask.

OMRON Healthcare offers an entire line of nebulisers to suit a variety of applications, delivering superior performance due to OMRON’s advanced technology, ease of function and durability. Easy to clean and disinfect and consuming less power than other hand-held nebulisers, OMRON nebulisers whether home hand-held devices, portable or professional grade models, they are all designed to enable you to treat your respiratory condition and deliver treatment on the go. With an OMRON nebuliser suited to all needs and every budget, you are safe in the knowledge that with each breath, an OMRON nebuliser is reliable, portable and discreet and will deliver efficient drug deposition, delivering instant relief, reassurance and peace of mind.

The Irish Thoracic Society published a report called the INHALE study and found that:

  • Deaths from respiratory disease in Ireland have overtaken those from heart disease.
  • The numbers of lung cancer deaths in women are quickly approaching those from breast cancer.
  • Ireland has moved from fourth to second place in the league of European countries with the highest death rate from respiratory disease.
  • The INHALE report shows that respiratory disease is the cause of one-in-five deaths in Ireland and that the Irish death rate is almost twice the EU average.
  • Respiratory illness and conditions are among the most commonly reported long-term illnesses in young adults.
  • The report shows that respiratory diseases are the most common reason to visit a GP and the third most common reason for acute admissions to hospital in Ireland.
  • The financial cost to the economy of treating respiratory disease is increasing with a cost to the health services of €437 million a year and the drug prescription rates for this disease among the highest for any organ system.
  • On top of the financial costs, the loss of employment productivity, cost of social welfare as well as the substantial and emotional human costs in terms of sickness and death.

Optimize your health and treat your respiratory issues with our OMRON range including:

22nd Mar 2018

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