Congratulations! You’ve recently discovered your pregnant and the longed for journey has begun. As the reality of expecting sinks in and between the stress of planning, hormonal fluctuations that have you flustered and forgetful and the continuous flow of information and advice as to the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, you’re beginning to worry. Pregnancy is jam packed with surprises, it can raise fears and a case of the ‘what if’s’, so irrational it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s rumour. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common fears and weighed in on just how likely they really are, after all!

If I lay on my stomach will I squash my baby?

What if: It is a common concern that woman share that when they are asleep that somehow they will roll over onto their stomach, crushing baby in a fatigue induced slumber.

Reality Check: According to OBGYN’s it is perfectly safe to sleep on your stomach, as the body was made to accommodate the growing baby, making plenty of room in there. This fear makes sense, throughout the night of course you could roll onto your stomach but the truth is as the pregnancy progresses it won’t be possible or even remotely comfortable to lay on your stomach, and you will find the body will naturally change positions on its own before you could possibly do any harm. Try: Dreamgeniii Pregnancy Pillow for optimal sleep positioning.

.What if I eat something that can harm my baby?

What If: With so much conflicting advice available it can be difficult to know what foods can adversely affect the baby. Many women obsess over checking labels, reading up on the different cheeses or nitrates, caffeine, seafood even the thought of a bowl of ice-cream can have you reaching to call the doctor on speed dial while your fingers are itching to investigate Google.

Reality Check: There is nothing wrong with exercising caution during pregnancy, but it’s important not to over-obsess about every morsel you put into your mouth. Aside from the biggies like raw meat, seafood, unpasteurised milk or cheese and of course alcohol, there isn’t too much else that is off limits. Even caffeine commonly thought of as unsafe during pregnancy can be allowed in moderate doses. Don’t stress, as long as you’re eating a well balanced and healthy diet enriched with all the pregnancy friendly vitamins that you and baby need you should be A-okay! Try: Pregnacare Plus Omega 3.

What if the baby weight never goes away………Ever?

What If: I can’t stop eating; what if I never shift the weight I gain? A common worry for the majority of women revolves around the weight gain associated with pregnancy, don’t worry if the carrot is not cutting it, or the humble bowl of fruit isn’t as appealing as the extra large portion of nachos, as long as you and baby are getting all the nutrients you need, pregnancy is a time for you to relax and enjoy the journey.

Reality Check: OK let’s be honest unless you’re Victoria Beckham or a Kardashian and have a team of nutritionists, therapists and personal trainers at your beck and call, there is every chance your body may not look exactly the same as pre pregnancy. But look at what you’ve gained besides a few pounds, a beautiful baby! Don’t place expectations on yourself that are unachievable, take your time, the weight will come off, if you’re exercising and eating well. Not many women regain their beach bodies as they’re wheeled out of the delivery room. Try: Celebrity Slim Shakes a nutritional programme to help you!

Ehhhh….what if my waters break in public?

What If: The due date is getting closer but the call of the shops is too persuasive, don’t be afraid to keep to your routine, the shopping, the food shopping, eating out, it all has to be done! Enjoy yourself with activities before baby arrives. But thoughts are circling, how do I explain a wet seat or the trickling of water as I wait in the line at Penney’s? And what if I can’t run (or waddle) out of there quick enough?

Reality Check: So this one is a possibility (sorry!). Even though your waters can break at any time, it’s usually preceded by some warning contractions which should give you a heads up on a time frame. And don’t believe the movies, there really isn’t that much water that you would need a pair of Wellies, it’s more a gush! But remember if you’re nine months pregnant it’s likely to happen at some stage. You could always slip on a Medicare Maternity Pad when leaving the house – just in case!

I don’t know anything about newborns!

What If: I’ve never been maternal, I don’t know how to care for a baby, and I’ve never changed a nappy let alone feed a baby. How will I know what to do?

Reality Check: It’s all a gorgeous learning experience. It’s natural to worry that you won’t know what to do, but even though a newborn presents a hectic and exhausting challenge at times it won’t take you long until you realise that just like the pregnancy you can survive this too! Some women are born nurturers, for others it takes time perhaps even a comedy of errors, but as long as baby is loved, changed and fed and your ability to dress your new little one in a onesie is improving – you’re on the right path. Take a bow! Try the Gro Company GroBag for keeping your little one snug and warm!

28th Mar 2018

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