Child Proofing Safety Hazards Often Overlooked!

As you begin the process of childproofing your home, it can be easy to miss hazards as they lurk behind doors and the back of cupboards and on window sills. Here are some of the less obvious hazards…

#1. Baby Monitor Cords

Did you know how easy it is for a baby to pull a monitor wire into the cot , posing a risk of strangulation? Every parent’s nightmare can be avoided by NEVER placing the baby monitor inside or on the edge of the cot and when installing the monitor ensure it is at least 3 feet from the cot .

#2. Clutter

Everyday clutter around the home can certainly represent potential danger to your little one as loose change, paper and hair clips, for example can be easily picked up with curious fingers and into the mouth which may choke, trip or possibly even poison your child.

#3. The Dishwasher

A home to knives, forks, detergents, food particles and a falling door, the humble kitchen dishwasher can be a treasure trove of curiosity to your little one. Always make sure the door is clicked close, and try not to load the dishwasher in view of your little one so that it doesn’t catch their attention.

#4. Creative Climbing Structures

Keep furniture, toys, home decorations and plant pots well out of reach of young children and away from balconies, windows, stairs and bannisters. This will ensure your little one cannot pull themselves up onto these items using them as climbers which can result in great danger and harm.

#5. Bathroom Bins

Most of us would be surprised as to what gets thrown into the bathroom bin without thought. From used razors, to medicines, to used packaging, old deodorant cans, soaps and all an array of icky sticky things. Keep potential poisons and choking hazards away from babies reach by securing your bathroom bin in a cupboard with childproof latch.

#6. Chargers

From iPhone to computers and beyond the simple charger should be kept well out of reach of your child. Not only
keeping from potential strangulation hazards we want to prevent access to electrical risks and the lure of the electrical socket.

#7. Fridge Magnets

Your collection of fridge magnets may represent your travels across the globe but pose a choking hazard for toddlers and babies and are extremely dangerous when ingested.

#8. Pet Food & Water Bowls

Did you know that a baby can drown in as little as an inch of water? Childproofing your home is a very real need and not a luxury, and keeping dog or cat food out of babies reach to avoid a choking hazard, and keeping the dogs water away can help keep baby safe. Use a room divider or safety gate to keep it off limits when needed.

#9. Tablecloths

Who would of have thought of the tablecloth? However, one little pull from baby and a whole table of contents will come tumbling down.

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22nd Mar 2018

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