Unintentional injury is one of the top killers of children in the UK. This is a frightening statistic as prevention can eliminate almost all of these injuries by simply implementing safety and childproofing measures aimed to keep your young family safe in their home. However not all safety measures are required to be in place by the time your baby arrives home from the hospital, but ensuring you have thoroughly baby proofed before the first 6 months are up is vital in keeping your little one out of harm’s way. By implementing the following safeguards in the following areas of your home it will allow you a peace of mind that you have provided a safe haven for your child in which to explore and develop.

Install baby gates at both the top and the bottom of your stairway. We recommend that you do not use a pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairs , as it may fail, instead opt for the wall mounted variety such as the Babydan Flexi Fit Stair Gate available in metal or wood.
Window blinds
If you are unable to remove or trim the cords from your blinds, make sure they are well out of reach for years to come. Make use of Dreambaby Blind Cord wraps
Never leave a child unattended around an open window. If the windows in your home are older, install child proof locks like the Babydan Window Lock and the Dreambaby Window Latch Inward Opening Windows.
Electrical Sockets
Little fingers will probe and discover, so make sure to insert plastic guards into any socket below hip level. The Dreambaby Socket Plugs come in a pack of 6 as do the Babydan UK & Ireland Socket Covers pack.
As your toddler begins to move, pre-empt any problems by installing door guards on any door that leads outside or indeed the bathroom and kitchen door’s – basically any door that leads to a potentially dangerous situation. We recommend Dreambaby Door Slam Stop and the Babydan Multi Lock.
Keep the bathroom off bounds for wondering little one’s. Use a the Dreambaby Toilet Lock for optimal protection and always have your bathroom door closed when possible. Use a non slip mat such as the Dreambaby Non Slip Bath Suction Mat for extra precaution and never leave your baby unattended around water. To prevent burns make sure the water heater is set to 120 degrees and the Dreambaby Bath Seat w/Foam Padding & Heat Sensor is ideal for keeping baby safe and secure in the water as it also alerts you to when the water is too hot.
Keep your child safe by installing cabinet locks, door locks and oven knob covers to keep your child from turning the burners on. For extra precaution add straps to the oven door to keep it from opening and place an adhesive lock on the refrigerator to keep your child safe from harm. We recommend Dreambaby Stove Knob Covers (4 pack), Dreambaby Refrigerator Latch, Babydan Cabinet Door Locks and Clevamama Transparent Oven Door Guard.
Sharp edges
On all tables, countertops and your bed apply corner and table edge cushion guards to prevent head injuries from bruising to lacerations. Use Dreambaby Foam Edge Bumpers, Clevamama Corner Cushions, Babydan Corner Protectors and Emmay Safety Corner Cushions specifically designed for glass tables and shelves.

22nd Mar 2018

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