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Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor



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The Omron BF511 body composition monitor is designed to be used by the whole family.
Knowing our weight is one thing, but there are other health factors that can indicate, more accurately, how healthy we are on the inside.
Knowing you body fat %, resting metabolism and skeletal muscle percentage helps you to understand how efficiently your body is working, and can help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals by giving you a total body reading.
Starting from 6 yrs onwards, with the exception of the vicseral fat and skeletal muscle classification which start from 18 yrs upwards, the BF511 is a family monitor suitable for everyday use.

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Features of the Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor:
  • Measurement from 6 years onwards (with the exception of Visceral fat and Skeletal muscle classification - 18-80 years)

  • Weight Measurement up to 150kg

  • 8-Sensor Technology using both hands and feet for an entire body measurement

  • Visceral fat clasification

  • Skeletal Muscle percentage classification

  • Skeletal muscle percentage

  • Resting metabolism

  • Body fat percentage

  • BMI calculation

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Customer Reviews

Good product Review by Gemma
Although it only gives readings in pounds or kilos that's not a problem as its easy to convert if you wish to. The readings are accurate and its great that you can see what your previous readings were and see the weight going down. Good product for the price. (Posted on 14/06/2016)

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