Child Safety Awareness: Can You Spot the Risks in 5 Seconds?

At we are passionate about educating parents on the dangers in the home when it comes to child safety. Identifying dangers is half the battle, securing your home is easy with the range of products we stock in our Baby Safety category on our website.

Did you see hidden dangers you may not of been aware of? Parents come to us with a number of concerns. If you have an area you would like made secure and don’t find the products online at please contact us and we will be happy to source product where we can.

From this video you may need products to secure against these dangers:

Uncovered Sockets

You can avoid your kids sticking their fingers or anything else they find into electrical sockets by using BabyDan socket covers. They fit into sockets and cover the holes. The cleverly-designed plug socket cover means the back of another socket is used to remove the socket cover from the plug socket.

Window Blind Cord

Dreambaby Cord Wind-Ups help prevent strangulation from blind cords by keeping them out of reach of children.

Unsecured TV

TV Straps from BabyDan are Anti-Tip TV straps that simply secure to the back of the TV unit and to back of cabinet or wall.


With the addition of Fire Guards, Hearth Gates and Stove Covers you can keep your children safe from the dangers of fires. Our Safety Gates are interchangeable, extendible and heat resistant so you can rest assured your family is safe.

Sharp Edges

Every parent knows that if there’s something in the home to bump into, your baby will be drawn to it like a magnet! That’s why Corner Cushions are such a simple yet essential product to help prevent the baby from any number of bumps, cuts and collisions wherever there are sharp or hazardous corners.

22nd Mar 2018

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