Boost Your Exercise Motivation!

It’s proven exercise is good for you, regular physical activity, helps to boost your immune system, enhance your cardiovascular and mental health, assist in weight loss and boost energy levels and self-esteem. However actually doing it is another thing altogether! We all have that inner voice that can easily convince us that the couch is too comfy, or it’s too cold and wet outside, but sticking with your exercise routine requires motivation. And it’s motivation that will help you power through and ignore that negative inner voice. Once you accept that there may challenges to face on the fitness journey ahead, put on the Lycra and get ready!

1.Set yourself achievable goals!

When first starting out, recognize your limitations and set fitness goals that are attainable, particularly if you’re new to exercise. Many beginners throw themselves in with gusto aiming for maximal goals, and tend to get overwhelmed, this can lead to a loss of interest and fatigue. When starting out, don’t expect a full hour every day, begin with a more achievable 20 to 30 minutes two to three times a week, and gradually build until you reach your full potential.

2.Chart your progress!

Keep track of your workouts, whether you do it online or write it down in an old-school journal. Charting your improvements, and seeing your progress is a brilliant motivational tool. From watching the distance you run grow, to the amount of sit ups, crunches and reps double, there is no greater encouragement than your own success.

3.Say goodbye to guilt!

Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s the real world, you may miss a day or two, once you accept that there will be some bumps on the road to achieving your fitness or weight-loss goals, then you will be better prepared mentally to deal with any setbacks. Be strong and don’t let a misstep be an excuse for giving up.

4.Focus on yourself

It happens in all aspects of life, there is always someone fitter, faster, smarter or more flexible than you. Don’t fall into the negative trap of comparing yourself or fitness levels to others. This is your time, don’t allow comparisons to deter you from your goal, your workout time is for you and about, only you.

5.Everyone needs a cheering squad!

Why not ask friends, family, co-workers, even your children to be your own personal cheerleaders, who will encourage you to stay on track and keep focused. It’s human nature that when we know others are watching we are more inclined to maintain our focus. But ensure your support is not a critical one, reassurance is what’s needed and friendly encouragement.

6.Choose your activity wisely!

If you’re finding it hard to get started or maintain your motivation, perhaps you’re doing the wrong physical activity, what may have stimulated you once is now stale and a tad boring. Pick activities you like the most, so that your time to exercise is a time your look forward to. Remember exercise doesn’t have to involve a gym, tight lycra and pumping iron, it can be hiking, horseback riding, charity runs, walks even dance like activities such as Zumba!

7.Vary the exercise!

To maintain your motivation it doesn’t require that you do a full on hour of exercise every day at the same time, spice it up. Why not talk yourself into exercising for a few minutes at a time, you may want to increase the length of time as you go or maybe indulge in a couple of mini-session’s throughout the day.

8.Convenience is the key!

If you’re time poor, working, child minding or caring whatever the case may be, ensuring your time to exercise is convenient will help keep you on track. If you’re too busy don’t spend 30 minutes driving to the gym, use online exercise tutorials instead, and if you find that you are just too tired to work out at the end of the day, set your alarm a little earlier and jump out of that bed and get exercising in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day on a positive note.

9.This is the new you, forget the past!

So perhaps you weren’t the most athletic kid at school, chosen last for games and dreaded the thought of running around the school yard. But that was years ago, you have evolved, you now have a goal to stay healthy, be energized with an enhanced sense of well-being and a fit future ahead of you.

10.Reward your hard work!

You deserve a treat for all your hard work, your focus and your dedication to being a healthier, fitter version of you. Choose rewards that motivate you to further succeed, such as a new outfit, a massage, makeup, new shoes whatever it is that helps you feel good and showcases all the hard work you’ve invested your time in.

22nd Mar 2018

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