8 Products Breastfeeding and Pumping Mums Can't Live Without

For those who have breastfed, or for those about too, the key ingredient in successful breastfeeding is organisation! Oh and patience, perseverance and the right breastfeeding accessories. So in wanting to make this amazing experience as seamless as possible we’ve compiled a list so you don’t have to of the ‘must-haves’ as you and baby embark on your breastfeeding adventure.

#1. The Nursing Bra

Comfort is vital for both you and baby as you begin this journey together, and a dedicated nursing bra will enable you to provide your baby with quick access to your breasts wherever you may be. Designed to provide support when and where it’s needed the most, the nursing bra is both discreet and uber comfortable. A ‘must-have’ for all breastfeeding women.

#2. The Breast Pad

Super absorbent and super necessary, the humble breast pad provides security and effective leakage protection for women on the go. Disposable and convenient, the breast pad offers all breastfeeding and pumping mums the comfort of discretion and security, while eliminating any tell tale signs.

#3. Breast Pumps

Are you thinking of going back to work? Are you ready to ween baby from breast to bottle and still wish for baby to have your super nutritious breast milk? Then look no further than a breast pump. The perfect partner for a successful breastfeeding schedule. Designed to pump breast milk conveniently and in comfort, grab yourself an effective, reputable breast pump that provides your milk to baby wherever and whenever baby wants. You can choose from an electric or manual breast pump, whatever your personal needs and preference require.

#4. Nursing Tops

Breastfeed on the go and with privacy with a specifically designed nursing top. Enabling you to nurse inconspicuously free from curious glares.

#5. Bottles and More Bottles

The breastfeeding and pumping mum can never have too many bottles. Ideal for storage and when you’re on the go, extra bottles ensure you have breastmilk available wherever you maybe. We recommend high quality , BPA free plastic bottles, designed in a shape that makes thorough cleansing and sterilisation easy.

#6. Milk Storage Bags

Ensure the safe sterilisation and security of your breastmilk in dedicated milk storage bags . Ideal for both the fridge and freezer, the milk storage bag is easy to use, reassuringly sterile and easy to label. The milk storage bag is a ‘can’t live without’ for every breastfeeding and pumping mum.

#7. The Cooler Bag

Keep your baby’s precious breastmilk at the perfect temperature when out and about with a specifically designed cooler bag. From fashionable to functional the cooler bag securely stores your breastmilk whether in bags or bottles delivering it to baby whilst on the go at the perfect temperature.

#8. Did Someone Say Nipple Cream?

Avoid irritated, cracked and sore nipples with a lanolin based nipple cream. Recommended for application as you begin to breastfeed, nipple cream will help keep your nipples in optimal condition and free from drying out and cracking. As it is lanolin based it is perfectly safe to nurse your baby without removing it first.

22nd Mar 2018

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