6 Reasons Why We Should All Have More Orgasms

Ovulation means sex, and sex means orgasms which when you’re trying-to-conceive can all become a little tedious. When your sexual activity is organised to within hours of optimal timing, it can eliminate the spontaneity and excitement that led you to this very position – trying to have a baby with someone you love! But the good news is, there are many ways to spice up the sex life, and well, you can never have too much of a good thing and when it’s all in the name of baby-making it’s worth trying to fit a few more big O’s into your well timed schedule. So whether it’s just because they make you feel amazing, or you see them as a gateway to baby, there are actually some health benefits too. We share 6 mindboggling health reasons why the humble orgasm is a must-have on your daily menu!

#1. An Orgasm a day makes the wrinkles go away!

A survey of over 3,500 people carried out by Dr David Weeks (a British consultant clinical psychologist) found that the more orgasms people had, the younger they looked. It also highlighted that a vigorous, healthy and satisfying sex life was determined to be the second most important factor in how youthful a person appeared (the first was physical activity). Apparently at least four orgasms a week will keep you looking up to seven years younger, which is a lot easier than running up to four times a week!

#2. Orgasms promote natural stress and pain relief.

Did you know that when you orgasm, your body releases the hormone oxytocin (known as the ‘love molecule’) into the bloodstream, promoting a feeling of well-being, and a dose of the warm and fuzzies. Orgasms can also alleviate the pain caused by headaches and cramps!

#3. Orgasms boost your immunity

The multi-tasking orgasm according to the British Medical Journal shows a strong correlation between orgasms and mortality rates. Research states that those people who orgasm two times a week or more can apparently add up to eight years to their life! How I hear you ask? Well, orgasms are found to boost the immune system, support optimal heart health and increase brain power. So your life pretty much depends on you having regular orgasms, baby or not. Just saying!

#4. They improve with age

According to LELO’s Global Sex Survey, only 4% of females are fully satisfied with their climax. But worry not for your sisters as the good news is that the older you get the more satisfaction you report. The survey showed that more than 75% of women over 60 claimed that their orgasms are better now than ever before. Whether this was as a result of having more practice or just feeling more comfortable in your skin as you age remains unclear, but it’s certainly substantial evidence to support upping your O game as you age!

#5. Did you know that you can train yourself to have a better one?

If you’re thinking your orgasms are little under par, worry not it may simply be that the pelvic floor muscles are underdeveloped (or have been weakened). According to the author of She Comes First, Dr.Ian.Kerner, these intimate muscles are like any other muscle which means that their power and efficiency improves with a regular work out. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with the highly effective Kegel8 range of pelvic toners will help keep the muscles strong and vital

#6. Say goodnight to insomnia

After we orgasm our brains release an amazing cocktail of chemicals including the feel good oxytocin as well as vasopressin, both of which are associated with the release of melatonin which helps to regulate your sleep, coupled with a reduction in stress (see#2) a good night’s sleep is only a rollover away!

22nd Mar 2018

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