5 Myths about Furniture Tip-Overs

From 2000 to 2013, at least 430 deaths had been attributed to ‘tip-over’ incidents, according to the CPS Commission and there is unfortunately, no doubt that this figure will continue to climb as the need for baby proofing products purposely designed to stop these incidents becomes more crucial. Child safety experts say that almost all of these tragedies could have been prevented by either products with built-in capacities to prevent tipping over or child proofing products designed to secure and fasten household items in place . In light of the seriousness of ‘tip-over’ incidents and tragedies let’s take a look at some of the more common myths attributing to these accidents.

Myth #1: The dresser is extremely heavy, it couldn’t possibly tip over.

Indeed, the dresser may be heavy for the removal or the furniture people, however, that dresser is a very real danger to a young child. By simply opening a drawer and climbing onto it, even the heaviest of dressers can tip and fall. As the drawers are opened, the centre of gravity is altered and combined with the weight of your child can easily tip over, even without someone climbing onto it. Check out BabyDan Furniture Straps.

Myth #2: Why anchor the dresser in our bedroom? The children do not play in our room.

The reality of tip-over injuries are that they happen very quickly, and can happen in any room a child may wander into, even when you don’t expect it and under close supervision. Anchor the furniture with furniture straps in master bedrooms as well as all other rooms, not just the nursery or play room.

Myth #3: We have put latches on the drawers so the dresser is now safe.

Cabinet, cupboard and drawers latches are brilliantly designed to prevent access to cabinets and drawers, however, they are not designed to replace furniture anchors. A child may not be able to navigate a child-proof latch, but he will learn to climb, so again we recommend the use of latches and the furniture straps.

Myth #4: My older child knows not to climb.

Unfortunately, children do not recognize the danger in a bookcase or dresser, but rather an adventurous climb to the top particularly if there is something on the top they want to get their curious little mittens on. Often using drawers like a ladder, even a child who has been told the dangers of climbing will still give in to temptation as curiosity will get the better of them.

Myth #5: The dresser and bookcase are sturdy and we purchased from a reputable furniture store.

All types of furniture pose a potential hazard whether the piece of furniture is from a discount store or a shop that makes bespoke luxury furniture. From tall and short bookcases to drawers and chests, all furniture, particularly those pieces with drawers should be considered a risk to your child.

At we stock a full range of child proofing products and in particular furniture straps and TV straps that will fasten the furniture in placing preventing your child from tipping the item over and protected from the most serious of harm.

22nd Mar 2018

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