11 Top Baby & Child Home Safety Products

Here’s the lowdown on the Top Rated Baby Home Safety products. All Available from

11. Baby Monitor – Angelcare Movement & Sound Baby Monitor

With the addition of a sensor pad which detects even the slightest movements from your baby this stands out from the crowd as one of the best baby monitors on the market.

10. Baby Sleep Bag – with suitable tog

We are still struggling to understand the mechanisms that cause unexplained deaths in infancy, therefore it is not possible for any manufacturer to say that a particular product will prevent SIDS. It is possible, however, to significantly lower the chances of it happening by following this safer sleep guidance. Using a Grobag is one of the key factors.

9. Bath Seat with Heat Sensor

The Dreambaby Padded Premium Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensor is the ultimate way to help keep baby safe in the tub and make bath time fun for both parent and child. It opens on the front and uses suction pads.

8. BabyDan Playpen

The Babydan babyden can be used as a playpen or with the addition of a wall mounting kit it can double up as a room divider or hearth gate. A super, multi-purpose addition to your home.

7. BabyDan Pet Guard

The pressure gate is fitted with no screws and is higher than other safety gates to prevent animals scaling the gate.

6. Guard Me Retractable Safety Guard

Guard Me™ is near to invisible when not in use, and therefore ideal for modern homes. To open Guard Me™, you simply pull out and press down the handle side button. Guard Me™ then folds back automatically taking up minimal space.

5. Multi Purpose Edge Guard

Protects children from the impact of a fall or knock against any sharp, hard edges around the home.

4. Baby Breathing Monitor

Helps monitor your baby’s breathing when they are sleeping by sounding an alarm if there is no movement after 20 seconds.

3. Window Locks and Cabinet door locks

Kids love to rummage in drawers and windows cause serious hazards. Thankfully it costs very little to secure these dangers. Knowledge is key, so browse our range of window and door locks.

2. TV Straps to prevent TV Tip-Overs

The worrying statistic is that a child is killed every 3 weeks as a result of a TV falling on them – a simple avoidable tragedy.

1. BabyDan Fire Guard

The HSE has campaigned extensively to educate parents on the dangers presented by unattended fires, as devastating injuries are caused every year in Ireland as a result of burns and scalds. A young child’s skin is thinner than an adult’s, and this causes much deeper burns as a result. Unfortunately surfaces don’t have to be intensely hot to cause horrific injuries to babies and young children, making the need for secure fireguards and playpens an absolute necessity in the care of your young child.

22nd Mar 2018

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