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The Gro Company make the award-winning Grobag - a baby sleeping bag. Grobags have been a huge seller both for keeping your baby warm and snug all night (as it cannot be kicked off) and for safety reasons - your baby cannot get tangled up in this baby sleeping bag. The success of the Gro Bag led on to more innovative products from the Gro Company: the Grobag Egg digital room thermometer which shows the room temperature in colour and digital formats, the Gro Anywhere Blind which is a travel blackout blind for creating a dark environment for sleeping, Gro Lights to enable you to check on your child at night without waking them, the Gro Clock for older children to encourage them to stay in bed until it is time to get up, and the Grobag Swaddle which makes swaddling your precious baby very easy! All these Grobag Company products are delivered the next day from Inhealth Ireland’s warehouse in Dublin. Please see further information on Grobag Company products at the end of this page.