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Pressed is a unique personal lubricant which is clinically proven not to harm sperm. Preseed vaginal lubricant or personal lubricant mimics the body’s natural secretions. It relieves vaginal dryness but crucially does not harm sperm in any way. Because of this, Preseed can be used when trying to conceive (ttc), as it provides an optimal sperm environment. Preseed is available in a tube with 9 single-use personal lubricant applicators for internal use, or as Pre Personal Lubricant where you apply as much as required externally. Preseed and Pre Personal Lubricant are delivered next day from Inhealth Ireland’s warehouse in Dublin. See further Preseed information under the products below.

Preseed Sperm-Friendly Personal Lubricant
Preseed Personal Lubricant is the first personal lubricant that is safe to use while trying to conceive (ttc). There are many personal lubricants on the market, advertised for use to help with vaginal dryness. But most of these are not sperm-friendly and so should not be used when trying to conceive. Pre-seed personal lubricant is different in that it supplements the vagina’s natural secretions which help in reproduction, such as fertile cervical mucus or cervical fluids. Studies have shown that Preseed allows the safe passage of sperm through it, whereas other personal lubricants block sperm. Pre-seed is recommended for use by leading fertility clinics and by women’s clinics.

Why use Preseed when trying to conceive (ttc)?
Many couples are trying to conceive and not having the success they would like. Some couples are leaving starting a family until later in life; others simply don’t meet their partner until they are older than they would like to be. Many couples, regardless of age, find the pressure to conceive to be very stressful. Intercourse on demand at the right time in the woman’s cycle causes its own anxiety and worries, which can lead to a side effect of vaginal dryness.
Vaginal dryness can occur all the time, frequently or occasionally. Some medications, even fertility medications, can lead to vaginal dryness. It has been reported that approx. 75% of women have noticed an increase in the frequency of vaginal dryness while trying to conceive.
Many people presume that all personal lubricants, and naturally occurring fluids such as water and even saliva, can be used when trying to conceive, and that all of these would assist in the goal of conceiving. This is simply not correct - medical studies have shown that all of these are to be avoided if conception is the goal, with the exception of Preseed. Most personal lubricants contain ingredients which are toxic to sperm; others have the wrong ph or salt / ion concentration which can harm sperm.
But Preseed is different to other personal lubricants. It is the only personal lubricant that is not only safe to use when trying to conceive but also allows the safe passage of sperm through it to hopefully take the sperm on to the egg. Pre-seed does this by:
Alleviating vaginal dryness by mimicking natural vaginal secretions (including fertile cervical mucus or cervical fluid)
Providing an optimum sperm environment
Having the same pH, salt/ion concentration and thickness as fertile cervical mucus.

How is do you know the optimum place to apply Preseed?
Preseed is supplied with 9 single-use applicators to ensure that Pre-seed is delivered into the optimum part of the vagina, i.e. to deposit Preseed internally so that its lubrication/moisture can coat the vagina and the opening of the cervix, relieving vaginal dryness and ensuring that intimate contact is as comfortable as possible, while supplementing the normal vaginal fluids

Is Preseed only available for internal use?
Pre-seed is also available as an external lubricant, simply called Pre Personal Lubricant. This is designed for everyday use, either personal or in a clinic. Pre Personal lubricant can be used by anyone for:
Added lubrication when suffering from vaginal dryness, not just when trying to conceive, e.g. for normal sexual activity, at the menopause when the cervical mucus or cervical fluid may be reduced
Tampon insertion
Insertion of other devices
To relieve painful pelvic conditions.
Pre Personal Lubricant can also be used for fertility patients or when trying to conceive (ttc):

-For ultrasound probe insertion
-For assistance with
IUI - intrauterine insemination
IVF - in vitro fertilisation
Transfer of embryos
-For providing additional vaginal moisture at ovulation time.

Pre Personal Lubricant can be applied directly to the female genital area; a typical amount to use would be the size of a small coin, greater amounts can be used as required. Pre Personal Lubricant can also be applied to the penis, prior to putting on a condom and also after putting on the condom.

How is Preseed unique?
Pre-seed personal lubricant is unique in that:
It is the first personal lubricant that is safe to use while trying to conceive (ttc)
Clinical studies have shown that Preseed is not harmful to sperm or to embryos
Clinical studies have shown that it is the least irritating to sensitive tissues of all personal lubricants
Designed specifically to be balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
When applied internally, it supplements and mimics natural body fluids
Recommended by and used in fertility clinics and women’s clinics.

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