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Inhealth Ireland stocks a wide range of maternity underwear / pregnancy underwear, and both maternity bras and nursing bras. Their maternity bras are obviously designed with comfort in mind; some of them can also be used after the birth for breastfeeding. Their range of nursing bras is also detailed here, but further information on nursing bras is available in our Breast Feeding underwear section. The lace stretch panties and the seamless light support panties are both designed to grow with your expanding pregnancy bump. All Carriwell maternity underwear / pregnancy underwear is delivered next day from Inhealth’s warehouse in Dublin. See further information below on Maternity Underwear / Maternity Bras.

Maternity Underwear - Maternity Bras from Carriwell
Inhealth stock two maternity bras that are perfect for everyday wear and sleepwear while pregnant, and one of them can also be used as a nursing bra after pregnancy.
The Carriwell Comfort Bra is described perfectly by its name - it is an extremely comfortable bra! This cotton light support bra is perfect for everyday use, either as a normal light bra or to sleep in. When baby is born, it can be used again or breastfeeding - simply lift the bra cup up or pull down the bra cup top.

Features of the Carriwell Comfort Bra:

·         Naturally, it is not underwired, and simply pull it down over your head to put on - there are no hooks or eyes that could cause discomfort to delicate breast tissue

·         This maternity bra is made of 60% cotton giving you an extra light and breathable bra, giving you a really comfortable bra

·         The bra cups are perfect for holding breast pads in place

·         The soft cotton-rich stretchy fabric allows for the growth of the breasts while pregnant, and for the change in sizes of the breasts while breastfeeding.

The Carriwell Comfort Bra is available in white only, and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra is designed to accommodate the changes that occur in a woman’s breasts while pregnant. It is designed to be flexible, comfortable, functional and supportive - all in the one maternity bra

Features of the Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra:

·         As it is vital that there is room in all maternity bras for the growth and changes that occur in a woman’s breasts during pregnancy, this soft cup maternity bra is designed to fit you as well in early pregnancy as it will towards the end of your pregnancy

·         It has wide straps and a sports-style back for extra comfort and support; the sports-style back reduces the pressure on the straps

·         It can be worn as a medium support every day bra or as a sleep wear bra

·         Its smooth seam-free design make it perfect for wearing under tight-fitting or smooth-fitting t-shirts or other tops

·         It slips on over your head like a camisole, so there are no hooks or eyes that could potentially damage delicate breast tissue

·         Naturally it is not underwired; there should never be underwiring in a maternity bra

·         There is a wide supportive band under the bra cups - this provides the equivalent amount of support as underwiring would, giving you extra lift and support

The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra is available in white only, and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Maternity Underwear - Maternity Panties / Pregnancy Panties

Inhealth stocks two Carriwell panties, both of which are very comfortable to wear during pregnancy.

The Carriwell seamless light support panty has many features to maximise your comfort while pregnant:

·         Extra stretchy leg openings

·         Built-in light under tummy and back support

·         Designed not to ride or roll up, so it will stay in place

·         Maternity pants are invisible under clothes as they are seamless and stretchy

·         Ribbing on the back and under the pregnancy bump sooths backache and gives gentle support to the bump

·         Stretch fabric allows you bump to grow and still feel comfortable

·         Will not irritate the skin as it is made from a soft silky breathable fabric.

These maternity pants are available in white only, in sizes small to extra large, and are very easy to wash and tumble dry

The Carriwell lace stretch panty is also soft and very comfortable, and helps you feel feminine while expecting. There is a matching lace nursing bra, and this beautiful and practical underwear set is perfect for wearing while pregnant and after the birth. These pregnancy panties have many of the features of the light support panty:

·         The soft lace and fabric will not irritate the skin

·         The leg openings are soft and extra stretchy for maximum comfort

·         The attractive look and feel will add to your confidence and help make you feel more feminine

·         The stretchy lace on the tummy area grows with your bump while still feeling comfortable.

These pregnancy pants are available in white only, in sizes small to extra large, and are very easy to wash and tumble dry.

Carriwell also have a 5-pack of washable hospital panties for when you go in to have your baby. Designed to be breathable and hold hospital pads securely and firmly in place, these hospital pants are an essential item to pack in your case. The hospital pants can be washed up to 10 times, and fit snugly and firmly for extra confidence while wearing pads (for after birth or mild incontinence). There are 5 pairs in every pack which, as they are washable, is enough for most women for the immediate time after birth. They are available in one size only, and in white.
All these Maternity underwear products are delivered the next day from Inhealth’s warehouse in Dublin.

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