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Gro-Anywhere Blind



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The new version of the blackout blind, with improved design including Velcro fastening!

Nap time can be a challenge at the best of times, not least  with the longer evenings in the summer.  Anyone who has been on holidays with their little ones will know that it can be tough to create a nice dim sleeping atmosphere when its still bright. The really handy and adaptable to any room Grow Anywhere Blind has been designed to 'go' anywhere you do, and can be put up in a matter of seconds. The groblind fits directly to the window using suction cups for a close fit that will block the light.

  • Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 135cm x 200cm.

  • Comes with a handy travel bag.

  • the new version with velcro fastening.

  • Moon & Stars design.

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1 Business Day

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The Gro Anywhere Nursery Blackout Blind creates a dark environment wherever you go!

Read these instructions every time you use groblind!

1. To start, softly press a corner suction cup on to a window.Work your way across the window pressing firmly on the cups on to a glass.

2. Make adjustments the blackout blind to the actual window size by affixing Velcro patches. 3. Work your down both edges and finally along the bottom. From time to time, suction cups become warped during transport which may result in them not sticking effectively to the window. Just roll between your fingers or place in warm water for 30 seconds to restore their normal shape!

Removal of your gro-anywhere nursery blackout blind:

1. Please Do not grab the blind and pull or force! This puts pressure on the blind and risks damaging the window and glass!

2. Remove the suction cups one by one. Use the small tab on each suction cup one or your fingernails to release. The gro anywhere blind can be affixed to your normal single, double or even triple glazed windows.

We do not advise using on damaged windows that have chips or damage along the edges. Groblind is not suitable for leaded or stained glass or any glass with a wire through the glazing.


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Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Rose
My husband works night shift out of town and needed something to block the light out of the extended stay hotel room windows which can vary by size. This has worked perfectly. It keeps the light completely out. He is extremely happy with this blind. It is easy to use. (Posted on 27/06/2017)
So glad to have it Review by Brian
God Send! Didn't want to go fitting a proper blackout blind in my bedroom as my Son will be in his own room soon so I gave this a go. So glad I did, ever since the day we put it up (which was easy to do) he has slept longer! He used to wake up 4am every morning (regardless if bedtime was moved forwards or back to try and adjust him) and now he goes until 5.30/6 if I am lucky! (Posted on 06/06/2016)

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