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Fairhaven - Ibasal Digital Thermometer

Ibasal Digital Thermometer



Babystart Fertilmate Scrotum Cooling

Babystart Fertilmate Scrotum Cooling



Fairhaven - Pregnancy & Ovulation Calendar Wheel

Pregnancy & Ovulation Calendar Wheel



Inhealth BlogFertility Monitors

The technical advancements made in tracking one’s fertility now offers couples trying to conceive a variety of options in which to track and document their fertility windows in a quick, highly efficient and easily understood manner – the Digital Fertility Monitor. recognise the need for couples to have ease of access and digitally advanced options available to them and stock the market leading Clearblue Fertility Advanced Monitor Starter Kit. Clearblue accurately tracks your levels of the two key fertility hormones (estrogen & luteinising hormone) and detects your fertility window each cycle, enabling you to conceive when your chances are at their highest. A digital fertility monitor is accurate, efficient, user-friendly and can help to eliminate confusion over results.

What is the Advantage of Using a Digital Fertility Monitor Vs. Other Fertility Tests?

By using a digital fertility monitor in most cases it can predict ovulation before it happens. This gives the couple trying to conceive more time in which to take advantge of all of their fertile days. A digital monitor can do almost everything home ovulation tests can do and much, much more. It will show your 2 peak fertility days but they can also identify additional days when you may be able to conceive. Depending on your choice of digital fertility monitor, monitors such as Clearblue will count your days for you, tell which days in which to test, interpret the tests, display your fertile status update every day and develop a personalised understanding of your ovulation cycle.