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Car seats - all new parents need them but why not have one of the safest ones around as well as one of the coolest?! Cosatto car seats are practical, safe and sturdy for your baby's comfort and welfare, but are also available in a great variety of colours and styles. As your baby grows, Cosatto have car seats in all the weight groups so your baby can continue to be cool and safe while seeing more of the world. See further car seat information below, under our wide range of featured Cosatto car seats.

Car Seats

A car seat is probably the single most important item you must buy when you have a new baby. 
Inhealth stock a range of Cosatto car seats for all stages of your baby's growth and size - see further information below on the meaning of weight groups for baby car seats.

How to choose a Car Seat

Choosing a car seat can be difficult. Whether you are a new parent buying a car seat for the first time or a parent moving up to the next stage or group of car seat, it is advisable to take your time and choose the right one for you and your family's circumstances.

Car Seat Groups

Deciding what group your child fits into is an essential first step in the selection of the right car seat for you. Please see the table below which sets out the different categories of Car Seat Groups.


Notes regarding the Car Seat Groups:

The table above is intended as a guide only. Weight is a more important factor than age, so it is important to know your child's weight and use it as the primary indication that you should move up a car seat level.
It's best and safest to buy car seats suitable to your child's current weight, as opposed to one that spans a couple of weight ranges.
Do not rush your child into the next car seat category. They are safest in the car seats for the lower groups, so keep them in these seats for as long as you can, without going over the recommended weight limits.

Once you have decided on the car seat group, you then need to think about what suits you and your family situation:

Keep your baby in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible; these give your baby the best protection by supporting their head and neck.
Do you want one that clips onto a buggy for ease of transport? Then the Cosatto Cabi or Cosatto me-Mo car seats are perfect for you. If you only need a car seat for a spare, or for grandparents house, then the Cosatto Groova is ideal.
Not all car seats weigh the same. If you have a bad back, or want to use your car seat in the back of a two-door car, check the weight of the car seat before you buy.

General Car Seat Purchase Advice

Never buy a second hand car seat. You will not know if it has been involved in an accident, however minor, which could result in your child not getting the full protection they should have from their car seat.
Car seats have a life span of about 5 years. Normal wear and tear can occur during this time, particularly if the car seat has been used for more than one child. Also, car seat safety regulations change over time, so newer car seats will have been designed to meet and exceed these regulations. It is therefore advisable to buy a new car seat if you have one which is over 5 years old. Note - all the Cosatto car seats conform to the European Regulation ECE R44/04.
Check the accessories that are supplied with your car seat. Is there a hood or canopy supplied, and if so can this be removed. Are there comfort fittings for your baby inside the car seat, e.g. a head hugger, padding for the tummy or chest pads?
Check to see if the car seat covers can be removed and washed.

Helpful tips when fitting your car seat:

Do not assume all car seats are fitted the same way - they all have a unique way of being secured to the car.
Take your time when fitting the car seat for the first time. Practice first - do not try to fit it for the first time with your new baby in it in the hospital car park with 10cms of snow on the ground!
Read the instructions carefully - most have diagrams to help explain where the car straps should fit into the car seat. Watch any videos if available; they really will help show you the correct way to fit your chosen car seat.
To test it, see if you can move it while strapped in. If it rocks easily, it is not fitted securely. There should be a little movement but not a lot.
 Never fit your car seat in the front seat that is fitted with an active front airbag. These are very dangerous for children.
 Is Isofix for you? Decide if you want this specialised type of car seat and ensure it can be fitted in your car. If you are a two car family, ensure that the second car is also suitable for an Isofix car seat.Remember that for convenience, if you wish to purchase an Isofix car seat, and you are a two car family, you would probably want to fit an Isofix car seat base in both cars.
 Again regarding Isofix, not all Isofix car seats fit into every car that has Isofix points. Check with the car seat manufacturer and/or the car manufacturer before you buy.

Finally, regularly check your baby's car seat for wear and tear. Ensure the seat belt holding the car seat is tight and feels secure. Also, double check on every journey that the baby is correctly strapped in. With the tiredness of a new baby, it's easy to get distracted. You carefully strap the baby into the car seat, then forget to strap the seat into the car. Or older children can loosen new baby's straps without you realising it. Your car seat will only keep baby safe if it is securely fitted into your car and checked for every journey. 
Enjoy exploring the world with your baby!

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