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Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier


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Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier

With the beautifully designed BabyMoov Hygro+ Humidifier, you can be assured that your baby is in th best possible environment in their nursery. The Hygro+ ensures that you baby is provided with cleanr air to breathe at all times in your home.

Thanks to the clever design of the Hygro+, you can carefully monitor the humidity rate and temperature on its touch screen, you can also set u a manual or automatic humidity rate adjustment and much more. In addition to this, this humidifier has a built in light which changes in between 7 colours, all designed to suit your baby. It has an all important oil diffuser that allows you to add your own oils. The touch screen is backlit for increased simplicity and easy of use and also displays the humidity rate, temperature and the time; providing you with all of the information you may need.

The Hygro+ steam output is fully adjustable meaning tht you can turn it 360 degrees as required. The Hygro+ provides you with the ultimate level of confidence and provides you with all of the information you need in regards to cleaning the air around your baby.


  • - Runs with 220-240V AC adapter (included)

  • - Adjustable humidity levels

  • - Backlit touch screen with humidity, time and temperature display

  • - Essential calming oil diffuser

  • - Integrated night light with 7 colour options

Customer Reviews

Beautifully designed Review by charlotte
I would really recommend this humidifier. I have had a different make previously which has long since given up the ghost and wasn't anyway near as well designed or suitable as this Babymoov.
The operational controls are really straightforward (strangely near identical in look to my oven) with a digital display and buttons to depress to set the core humidity level etc. It makes a low level background noise which you become used to pretty quickly and gives off a significant level of cool steam until optimum humidity level is attained before stopping. The night light element is really nice as well and we tend to leave it on cycling through the colours though you can just set one colour or have it off completely. It has a good water capacity level and so won't run dry in one night if filled up and has a small reservoir for essential oils to be added if that's your preference.
It's a very nice aesthetic but also practical device which I'm sure has added health benefits to it and does seem to aide a good nights sleep, (Posted on 28/06/2017)
Satisfied Review by Sarah
Excelent product and fast delivery. satisfied (Posted on 24/05/2017)
Very Good Humidifier Review by Rosemary
I have used several different humidifiers over the years, with one costing far more than this product. I must say from the begining that this is the best hunidifier I have owned. This unit is large and so it has a large water tank. Filled up, it can last all night. It is completely silent in operation, which is great as all the other ones had a clicking sound to them. The only noise from this unit is a glug sound when in use, as the water drains through the tank. (Posted on 24/05/2017)
Works Brilliantly, Very Well Designed and Very Easy To Use Review by Karolina
This is the second humidifier I have used in my home and although the first one was from a very well known big brand, this one completely blows it out of the water. In fairness my other humidifier is approx a third of the price of this one but still if I had to choose between them then I would choose this one every time. truly satisfied! (Posted on 24/05/2017)
Beautifully designed Review by Sharon
I would really recommend this humidifier. I have had a different make previously which has long since given up the ghost and wasn't anyway near as well designed or suitable as this Babymoov. Get one! (Posted on 24/05/2017)
Just what my baby (and seemingly I) needed! Review by Amanda
My little one has suffered with nasal congestion and mucous/phlegm since birth and I was awake with him several times a night because of the irritation it caused him. This humidifier has been a godsend and has really helped reduce his irritation therefore saving my sanity! It has also helped to improve the sleep of my husband and I, so has a happy side effect. (Posted on 24/05/2017)

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