Babycook Info

Babycook Info

The Beaba Baby Cook is a complete baby food maker. It cooks by steaming, and then blends it. It can also be used to reheat baby food nd to defrost it. The Beaba Baby Cook is a must-have product for all parents and carers once the child is being weaned off bottles onto solids. The Baby Cook is available in two colour ways - Gipsy and Sorbet. Beaba Baby Cook is delivered the next day from Inhealth, Ireland. See further information below on how to use the Beaba Baby Cook. 

Beaba Baby Cook

What a great product for busy new parents or carers! The Beaba Baby Cook is a complete baby food maker. Its functions are:

  • cooking baby food by steaming - this cooking method preserves as many vitamins as possible
  • blending baby food to your desired consistency
  • reheating baby food - super fast
  • defrosting baby food - express.

The Baby Cook can be used to cook all kinds of food for your small baby to your growing toddler - vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.

What is included with your Beaba Baby Cook:

  • Beaba Baby Cook product
  • mixing cover for the bowl
  • spatula for scraping out the baby cook bowl, and lifting out the basket - it can get very hot
  • recipe booklet for babies and children from 6 to 24 months.

How to use the Beaba Baby Cook to cook baby food:

Please see the Cooking Guide table below which shows you the amount of water you need to add to the Beaba bowl when you are reheating, defrosting or cooking baby food.

The lower part of the cooking bowl on the Beaba baby cook is marked with a 1 - 3 measuring scale. These show you the level of water that must be in the Beaba bowl before you start to use it - again check the table for the amount of water required.

Steps in the Beaba Cooking process:

  • referring to the guide, add the correct amount of water to the bowl
  • pour the water from the cooking bowl into the Beaba reservoir, then lock the reservoir lid
  • place the basket with the food chopped or diced into the cooking bowl
  • make sure that the tab on the basket lines up with the large pouring lip or area of the cooking bowl
  • lock the cover tightly on the cooking bowl
  • lock the cooking bowl with the basket inside onto the Beaba pedestal
  • plug in the Beaba Baby Cook
  • turn the dial to the left, to the steam symbol - the cooking indicator light will come on
  • the Baby Cook will steam the food until cooked, based on the amount of water you added to the reservoir
  • the Baby Cook will turn itself off when the steaming time has completed - this is shown by the cooking indicator light going out
  • unlock the Beaba bowl by turning its knob. Using the spatula supplied, carefully lift the basket out of the bowl, and then pour the cooked food into the bowl, in preparation for blending it.

Note: - you may like to keep part of the cooking liquid to add to the food while blending it, if a more soft consistency is required.

How to use the Beaba Baby Cook to blend baby food:

  • place the mixing cover on the Beaba bowl horizontally
  • ensure that the cover is lying on the six positioners or ‘lugs’ inside the bowl - the ensures that the lid does not slip down into the bowl while blending
  • lock the lid tightly onto the bowl, then lock the bowl onto the Beaba pedestal
  • plug in the Beaba baby cook
  • turn the button to the right, to the blender symbol
  • blend until you are happy that that food is smooth enough for your baby; each blend or pulse action normally lasts 10 seconds

How to use the Beaba Baby Cook to reheat baby food:

  • first place the food that you wish to reheat into a small glass or polycarbonate container or jar
  • place this container into the Beaba cooking basket - uncovered
  • pour one measure of water into the reservoir, then assemble the Baby Cook as per the instructions for cooking
  • when the indicator light goes out, use a cloth to lift out container
  • stir the contents very well to ensure the temperature is even - taste to check.

How to use the Beaba Baby Cook to defrost baby food:

  • the instructions for defrosting are the same as for re-heating, except that you use two measures of water
  • again ensure that you stir the food thoroughly after defrosting, and always taste to check it.

Notes for best use of your Beaba Baby Cook:

  • Vegetables such as carrots and turnips should be diced to ensure they are evenly cooked
  • Always use room temperature water in the Beaba reservoir
  • Turn the dial on the Baby Cook back to ‘0’ when you are finished with it
  • While it is best to use fresh fruit and vegetables, you can also use your Beaba Baby Cook to cook frozen fruit and vegetables.


and is delivered the next day from Inhealth’s warehouse in Dublin.

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