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A new baby means lots of baby changing! Nappy changing, clothes changing after a spit-up or a proper baby throw up, and cuddly soft before and after bath changing - you won’t believe how often you’ll need to change your baby. A baby changer supports baby at the right height for your comfort. All the Cosatto baby changers are delivered free of charge and come with a four year guarantee. See further baby changer information below the Cosatto baby changers and baby changing stations listed here.

Cosatto Baby Changers

Cosatto have a range of baby changers and baby changing stations. The baby changing stations are covered in detail in our Baby Changing Stations section.

Most people do not even know what a baby changer is until a new baby comes into their lives and they then realise how essential a changer is! Cosatto baby changers are sturdy, convenient and practical, and also form part of coordinating nursery furniture sets. As your baby grows, the baby changer can still form part of their bedroom furniture. The top of the changer can be used in an unlimited number of ways - bookshelf, cuddly toy storage, display area for action figures or dolls, etc. 

Please see the comparision table below for the Cosatto Baby Changers and Baby Changing Units / Stations:

Cosatto Arlo Baby Changers:


The Cosatto Arlo nursery furniture range has timeless curved contours and a sweet Scandinavian vibe, giving a clean look to this range of baby furniture. It is made from premium quality New Zealand pine, from a commercially managed renewable forest. The Arlo Baby Changer has enough room to fit most of the standard changing mats, with a border all around the edge for extra security.  The Arlo changers are available in:

Arlo Honey Pine baby changer
Arlo White Finish baby changer
Arlo Dark Walnut baby changer.

They have three large drawers with in-built handles, giving you lots of storage space for vests, bibs, nappies and all baby’s other essentials. There are matching cot-beds and wardrobes available in all three Arlo nursery furniture finishes.

Cosatto Hogarth Baby Changers:

The Cosatto Hogarth nursery furniture range is a timeless design, also made from premium quality New Zealand pine. Its understated look is at home any setting. The Hogarth baby changer again has a border around the top to hold the changing mat securely in place. The changer is available in three finishes:

Hogarth White and Oak baby changer
Hogarth Light Country Pine baby changer
Hogarth Cocoa baby changer

The Hogarth changer has one large drawer with two handles, and a spacious 2-doored cupboard with a shelf. There are matching cot-beds and wardrobes available in all three Hogarth nursery furniture finishes.

Cosatto Lah-Dee-Dah Baby Changer:

The Cosatto Lah-Dee-Dah nursery furniture range has elegant styling, resulting in charming timeless furniture for your baby’s and child’s bedroom. The Lah-Dee-Dah baby changer has a border all around the top for security, and carved detailing on the curved raised part on the back of the changer. It is available in a classic ivory finish. The changer has three large drawers for all your baby’s bits and pieces, with two burnished brass handles on each drawer. There is a matching cot bed and wardrobe in the Lah-Dee-Dah nursery furniture range. 

Tips for safe use of your baby changer:

Never leave your baby unattended on a baby changer - they can roll off it or push themselves off the end
Don’t locate your baby changer too near dangers like a window, a radiator, curtains or blinds with strings, etc.
Check that you have all you need beside you before you start changing your baby.
All the Cosatto baby changers are delivered free of charge and come with a four year guarantee.

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