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Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

Gro-Egg Room Thermometer



The Gro Company- Gro-Light

The Gro Company - Gro Light




Gro-Anywhere Blind



Snuza Hero with baby

Snuza Hero - Mobile Baby Movement Monitor



Gro-Clock night time




Red Castle Cocoonababy® Nest

Red Castle Cocoonababy® Nest

Pabobo Dream Theater Hippo

Pabobo Dream Theater Hippo


Baby Bedroom Lights & Accessories

From cotton sheets, to go anywhere blinds, baby monitors and the innovative Gro-Egg Room thermometer, have a multi functional range of bedroom accessories for your little one. Choose from multi award winning brands such as The Gro Company, Beaba, Snuza and Samsung, all of your baby’s needs are catered for. Sooth and calm your baby throughout the night with Beaba Pixie Night Lights, to the Gro-Anywhere Blind that keeps baby asleep or the Gro-Clock which through engaging images of the stars and sun teaches your child to know when to go back to sleep and when it’s time to wake. Why not try the amazing Gro-Egg Thermometer that changes colour to alert to your when the room temperature is too low, too high or optimal. It can also be used as a subtle nightlight, to keep baby comforted and has a digital display for ease of reading. Ensure your baby sleeps soundly with 100% cotton Gro fitted bed sheets, and be reassured with the Snuza Hero Mobile Baby Movement Monitor. For all your baby bedroom accessories look no further than Inhealth.