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Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube 100ml with FREE Tummy Rub Butter



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Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube 100ml with FREE Tummy Rub Butter

Protect, cool and soothe pregnant and new mama boobs. Rich in organic Omega oils to hydrate and elasticise and natural firmers and antioxidants to strengthen skin and stop sagging

  • - Pregnancy and breastfeeding safe – from the experts

  • - protects delicate skin experiencing cup size changes

  • - unique Green Cabbage Leaf Extract to ease swelling


How to use: Apply from below boobs up to neck daily throughout pregnancy and for the first 6 months as a new mum. Team this up with our Keep Calm Nipple Balm if breastfeeding.

Fit Skin Tip: To protect your boobs from stretch marks, be sure to use Tummy Rub Butter or Oil on them during pregnancy and for 4 months after baby arrives. For added sag protection and extra soothing, layer Pregnancy Boob Tube over your Tummy Rub of choice to make sure you are protected against both stretch marks AND sagging.

How it works: Cups that runneth over are one of the perks of new mama-hood but we all know that those great pregnancy and nursing boobs are not a permanent perk – they are on loan and the rent is high! The skin on your décolleté is fragile and not very elastic, so you need to protect it from rapid growth during all those cup size changes (in both directions). Pregnancy Boob Tube is rich in vital Omegas (which are naturally depleted during pregnancy and nursing) to help lock in hydration, strengthen and elasticise. We’ve also added natural firmers and antioxidants to protect skin from sagging. We have even sourced the incredible extract from cabbage, the age-old secret to help soothe swollen nursing boobs.


If you loved Boob Tube in the past, you will love our NEW and IMPROVED formula created just for pregnancy, even more.

What’s the same

  • All the powerful sag-preventing and mega moisturising benefits as our original formula

  • Same gorgeous feel and natural fragrance What’s new

  • We’ve made all of our Mama Mio formulas even cleaner and safer, with our evolved No Nasties policy. Pregnancy Boob Tube is free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and pthalates. If skincare safety is your concern, rest assured you are in safe hands with Mama Mio. Click here for our full clean skincare ingredients policy

  • New ingredient alert –all of our Omega-rich oils are now organic. We’ve added a bevy of natural antioxidants like firming Blueberry Extract, Hibiscus and Green Cabbage Extract to ease swelling and discomfort.

Pregnancy Boob Tube is chock full of these amazing elasticising, firming, moisturising ingredients to help you aim north, not south:

  • CoQ10 is Nature’s wonderfully powerful antioxidant that helps prevent collagen degradation to stop sagging.

  • Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) Extract A natural antioxidant to help prevent free radical damage to delicate skin to keep it strong.

  • Organic Evening Primrose, Organic Sweet Almond, Organic Olive and Avocado Oils All packed with Omegas, Vitamins D and E. Superbly moisturising, keeping skin firm and elastic.

  • Organic Shea Butter is the most potent healing butter; an Omega-rich natural elasticiser that helps stave off sagging.

  • Organic Rosehip Fruit Oil increases cell renewal and helps reduce excess pigmentation. Superbly moisturising and healing.

  • Blueberry Extract Antioxidant that eases skin inflammation and reduces sag by strengthening collagen and improving microcirculation

  • Red Cabbage Extract A wonderful source of Vitamin C and E plus phytonutrients that help fight free radicals and detoxify.

  • Green Cabbage Extract helps increase blood circulation to ease swelling and discomfort. For years breast-feeding mums have applied cabbage leaves to their boobs to relieve swelling and pain.

  • Hibiscus contains a firming agent, that also calms and smoothes skin, increasing moisture and suppleness.

Customer Reviews

Crazy strechmarks Review by Laura
I am really anxious of getting strechmarks from pregnancy but its just inevitable. My husband bought me this duo from mama mio and I just loved it! It made my skin softer and stretchmarks are lesser compared to the time i didnt have anything on my skin. I am excited for the future. (Posted on 10/01/2018)
Perfect for me. Review by Aine
I need this to keep my self esteem intact. I want these stretchmarks gone soon and these mama mio products to help me. with my ultimate goal just how it did with my sister. It made stretchmarks almost invisible... I love it! (Posted on 05/01/2018)
Awesome Review by Ciara
This is my go-to strechmarks fix. Im at my 3rd pregnancy and i am happy to purchase this again as it does work for me all the time. it makes my skin soft and smooth. Love it (Posted on 04/01/2018)
Amazing! Review by Sonia
mama mio products are really the best in the market and they do what they are supposed to do. I have zero strechmarks now! I am inlove with this.. (Posted on 03/01/2018)
Love love love it Review by Fiona
I love Mama mio products eversince my first preganncy. They dont have a strong scent and it does work like its supposed to. I would highly recommend. (Posted on 02/01/2018)
Favorites Review by Maeve
I liked mama mio products especially these two. I had strechmarks all my life and these helped me minimize them. I love it! (Posted on 22/12/2017)
Mama mio Review by Kathy
Happy with all the things that this helps me a lot with my strechmarks! Love it (Posted on 20/12/2017)
Excited Review by Dorene
I have been loving Mama mio products especially these two and now they come in one price! Its savings for me and I enjoy the products. Love it (Posted on 06/12/2017)
Very good bundle Review by Liz
I am happy that the mama mio boob tube and tummy butter comes in a bundle now.. Its an outright savings! Goodbye strechmarks! (Posted on 30/11/2017)
The wife loved this... Review by Deidre
LIke with other Mamo Mio products, my wife found this a great means to avoid stretch marks with the associated changes during pregnancy. (Posted on 12/07/2017)

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