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Drugs Test Card (Screens For 10 Substances)

Drugs Test Card (Screens For 10 Substances)

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These tests are simple, fast reliable and accurate tests which detect for the presence of drugs of abuse in urine. This drug cassette will test your urine for the following drugs:

  • Speed (AMP)
  • Benzodiazepines (BZO)
  • Buprenorphine
  • Cocaine (Crack) (COC)
  • Ketamine
  • Marijuana (Cannabis) (THC)
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamines (MAMP)
  • Morphine
  • Opiates (Heroine)

All tests are CE Marked and FDA Approved, with an accuracy level of 99%.

Drugs are everywhere around us and most parents worry about their child becoming involved with drugs. Parents often feel they don’t know enough about drugs to help prevent their child from coming to harm.

In this section of our site, there are basic details on the most commonly used drugs to help you to become better informed.

We also offer a variety of drug tests for the most common drugs. The tests are available with different testing strips so you can choose which drugs you want to test for. 

Why do young people take drugs?

Most parents do not understand why children might want to take drugs and question themselves. They usually believe that because their child is using drugs or tried drugs that they must be having problems at school or home.

There are many reasons why a child may take drugs, perhaps they enjoy the short-term effects, their friends use them, curiosity or just as a part of growing up. They want to break the rules and think it will be fun, without realising the consequences.

What are the different types of drugs available?

A drug is basically something that changes the way you think or feel. Drugs include alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and medical drugs. Drugs can be divided into the following groups:-

  • Analgesics – drugs which kill pain e.g. heroin.
  • Depressants – drugs which slow everything down e.g. alcohol, gases, glues and aerosols.
  • Hallucinogens – drugs which act on the mind, altering the way the user sees and hears things e.g. cannabis, L.S.D. and magic mushrooms.
  • Stimulants – drugs which make everything seem as if they’re going faster e.g. cocaine, crack, ecstasy, poppers, speed and tobacco.

What are some of the risks of taking drugs?

All drugs carry risks and drugs affect different people in different ways but the major risks involved with taking illegal drugs are as follows : –

  • The user may never know exactly what it is they are taking. What is bought is unlikely to be pure and you can never be sure what it has been mixed with.
  • You can never be sure what effect a drug might have, even if it has been taken before.
  • If drugs are injected and shared around you are then at risk of catching a dangerous infection such as H.I.V. orhepatitis B and C.
  • If you mix different drugs this can be very dangerous and that includes mixing alcohol with a drug.
  • Women who take drugs may experience heavier periods and some women’s periods have been known to stop.

If the drug you wish to test for is not listed, then please contact us and let us know which drug you would like to test for, as we have only listed the most common drug tests.

When should I do the test?

This test can be carried out at any time.


  1. Bring the pouched test device to room temperature (15-30℃) prior to testing. Do not open the pouch until ready to perform the assay. 
  2. Remove the test panel from the sealed pouch.
  3. Remove the protective cap and immerse the strips in urine specimen with the arrow end pointing towards the specimen for at least 10 seconds. Do not immerse the strips above the plastic device.
  4. Replace the cap and lay the test device on a flat, clean and dry surface. 
  5. Read test results between 3-8 minutes.

NOTICE: In order to avoid an incorrect result, do not read the test result after more than 10 minutes as the intensity of the colored lines may change or a new line may appear after 10 minutes. To avoid confusion, discard the test device after interpreting the result.

NEGATIVE: Two colored lines are visible, one in the control region and another one in the test region. No matter the color intensity of the test line is weaker or stronger than that of the control line,the test result is negative, which indicates that the free drug is absent or less than the detection level of the test.

POSITIVE: Only one colored line is visible in the control region with no apparent line in the test region. The test result is positive, which indicates that the free drug is present in the urine at or exceeding the detection level of the test.

INVALID: The test is invalid if the control line is not visible regardless of the presence or absence of the test line.

NOTICE: Insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for the control line failure. Review the procedure and repeat the test with a new device.

What should I do with the results?

If you obtain a negative result then the person tested has none of the tested drug of abuse in their body at this time. You may want to re-test again in a month’s time. If you obtain a positive result then a drug of abuse has been detected in the urine. You may want to do another test later, or at a further date to confirm the result.

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  • It works

    Posted by Nessa on 12th Dec 2017

    I used this at home and its pretty accurate and its affordable.

  • peace of mind

    Posted by Tom on 15th Jun 2017

    Thank you supper quick delivery, discreet and product was perfect just what I needed for peace of mind easy to use would recommend

  • top product

    Posted by Maria on 14th Jun 2016

    Very satisfied with Drugs Test Card and used test 3 times first positive but knew that be the case. Left few days took another negative and waited further 4 days and negative again. Well worth the money for that peace of mind.


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