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CLA Booster Pharma Nord - 90 & 30 Free Capsules



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Special Offer

While stocks last receive 30 Free capsules for the price of your normal pack of CLA Booster. 90 & 30 Free capsules.


CLA Booster Pharma Nord provides your body with pure CLA which has several important properties, for instance that it:

  • - increases the discharge of fat from fat cells

  • - retains/builds up lean muscle mass and therefore increases the metabolic rate

  • - CLA provides ideal conditions for maintaining your weight and making your body firmer and leaner.

  • - GTE helps increase energy levels


What is CLA?
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a naturally occurring polyunsaturated fatty acid with several important functions. In the body, CLA is converted into eicosanoids, which are some hormone-like substances that regulate the relative amounts of muscle and fat, enabling the body to alter composition by reducing fat levels while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

Why you should take CLA Booster Pharma Nord?
CLA Pharma Nord may help to maintain an optimum balance between lean muscle tissue and body fat. CLA may also help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy immune system. CLA Booster Pharma Nord contains green tea extract (GTE) with a high content of polyphenols, namely EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which are believed to be responsible for most of green tea's positive effects, including increased levels of energy expenditure.

Avoids the "yo-yo effect 

The weight loss and subsequent weight gain followed by new attempts to lose weight cause your weight to bounce up and down like a yo-yo, hence the term "yo-yo effect”. A CLA supplement can help you avoid that. CLA helps your body shrink its fat cells at the same time as increasing lean muscle mass. Scientific studies have shown that people who take CLA retain muscle mass much more easily and lose more fat, instead. With more muscle mass they are far less likely to gain weight once they return to normal eating habits.

Combine it with exercise
It is important to combine CLA supplementation with regular exercise, since the fat reducing/muscle building properties of CLA are a result of a combined effort. Scientific studies clearly show that regular use of CLA helps to reduce body fat, but with exercise the process is optimised.

Recommended daily intake: 2 capsules 3 times per day, preferably with food and a big glass of water. In case of doubts consult your physician or pharmacist.


Customer Reviews

So far so good! Review by Orla
A friend recommended these for me and i just bought 1 box. So far so good. I dont feel bloated and metabolism is better. I am not entirely sure about weightloss yet but I am very optimistic with this one! I would really recommend this.. (Posted on 27/07/2017)
This Really Does Work Review by Michelle
I saw the TV ads and bought it and at first didnt really see a difference but I stuck with it. The 30 free extra tablets was great. I'm on to buy my second box and I think if you are taking a tablet like this its constantly reminding you in a way to make better food choices along the way. Very Happy Customer (Posted on 09/12/2015)

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