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Trimester 2


The second trimester of pregnancy (from week 13 to 28) is the one where, for most women, niggles such as morning sickness and fatigue start to ease. With newfound energy now at your disposal and having shared the beautiful news with friends and family, this is the time to truly enjoy being pregnant. At you will find a great range of products to help your body be at its best and most comfortable during this exciting time of change and growth. As your bump begins to grow, you might need some support during sleep – the award-winning Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow will be your best friend, supporting your body and encouraging left-side sleeping. An easy to use, portable fetal Doppler like the Angelsounds Fetal Doppler – Pocket Size will bring both joy and peace of mind to your every day, allowing you to listen to baby’s heartbeat and bond through sound. Also find specifically formulated Pregnancy Vitamins, pregnancy skincare, support belts like the Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt to ease back pain and support bands like the Carriwell Maternity Support Band to gently and discreetly lift weight off the pelvis. Check out our full selection and order today, from!