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Fitflop Spring Summer 2015

FitFlop ™


Good shoes take you to good places and none more so than FitFlop™! FitFlop engineer and design beautiful shoes that are ergonomically optimised and bio-mechanically engineered to make the wearer feel fabulous, because FitFlop™ believe your feet shouldn’t get in the way of your dreams. Wear the shoes and rule the world with a pair of FitFlops stunning range of sandals, shoes, sneakers, clogs and ballerina pumps. With the first FitFlop™ sandal (Walkstar 1) being sold over 7 years ago, FitFlop’s reputation continues to flourish with their statement making collections that fuse fashion, fitness, support and style into each and every FitFlop™.  Look for FitFlops red symbol at the bottom of a shoe, boot, clog or sandal, it means you’re looking at – or about to walk all over the world’s greatest ergonomic comfort delivery system, FitFlop’s fabulously famous MICROWOBBLEBOARD midsoles. Yes, FitFlops shoes are gorgeous, but they are more than just a pretty lace-up, just slip your feet into a pair of FitFlops and prepare yourself for one of FitFlop’s smart technologies to kick in immediately – it’s time for a reboot!


About FitFlop Technology?


Is it normal to want to hug your shoes? If it’s a pair of FitFlop’s then yes!  FitFlop™ don’t care that people’s feet ache, they’re obsessed by it! Employing groundbreaking technology inspired by the equipment used to support rehabilitation and promote post injury muscle strengthening, FitFlops midsole technologies are:


  • - MICROWOBBLEBOARD Midsole: A patent pending triple-density MICROWOBBLEBOARD midsole, it offers shock absorption as it diffuses underfoot pressure by delivering an instant contact area of the foot to the midsole. Boasting a bevelled dense elastic DVA contact point that creates a super cushioned heel strike, this ergonomic design increases foot to midsole contact and promotes balanced pressure diffusion. The Microwobbleboard is the original FitFlop sole and offers a wider fit.


  • - BIOMIMETIX Midsole: A slimline midsole, the BIOMIMETIX midsole is a super ergonomic, triple density, layer of cush that is biomechanically designed to diffuse high pressure as it offers immediate relief to your feet. An ergonomic design that increases foot to midsole contact and promotes a balanced pressure diffusion. The sole is slimmer than the original Microwobbleboard and suits those looking for a slimmer fit.

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With over 22 million pairs of Fitflops sold worldwide and championed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Julieanne Moore, Halle Barry  and J.Lo, the rise of Fitflop continues to go from strength to strength with their infectious fusion of fashion, fun and physical fitness and support  blending into one. Delivering a showstopping selection of shimmering, beaded and embellished swathes of leather and canvas, each and every Fitflop features the ergonomically optimised triple density midsole, including the original MICROWOBBLEBOARD, BIOMIMITEX and SUPERCOMFF Midsoles, all crafted to deliver pressure diffusion and unparalleled comfort for feet of all sizes and shapes. Brilliantly inspired by the equipment physical therapists use to support rehabilitation and promote post injury muscle strengthening, every pair of Fitflops will work to disperse pressure and provide immediate relief for your feet. Bursting with Fitflops smart technologies , flatter and treat your feet as Fitflop perfectly merge science and style in their fashionable, fun and oh so chic range of sandals, shoes, sneakers, clogs and ballerinas!