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The Dreamgenii range of unique, award winning products provide pregnant mums, babies, toddlers and children a magical night’s sleep. With over 96% of all women experiencing problems when sleeping during pregnancy, Dreamgenii have created the innovative support and comfort of the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow.  Designed to support by a gentle positional persuasion that allows the most effective and optimal position that encourages maximum blood flow from mother and baby and plays a vital role in encouraging healthy and optimal foetal positioning.


How does the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow Work?


  • - The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic polyester and the pillow case is a cotton and polyester blend. Washable at 40°C.
  • - 9/10 women would recommend the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow to a friend. The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow is also recommended by the UK and Obstetricians association.
  • - Gently encouraging you to sleep on your left hand side, the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow promotes the optimal sleeping position for both mother and baby,
  • - Recognised and endorsed by midwives across the UK, the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow is acknowledged as the only specifically designed pregnancy and maternity pillow to support the back, bump and knees adequately.
  • - Is ideal for women who have had a caesarean as it provides support to your stomach and the baby’s weight as it encourages an upright and more comfortable position while breastfeeding.
  • - Designed to support your back as your breastfeed, the Dreamgenni Pregnancy Pillow encourages you to keep the baby at the optimal height and positioning, supporting the baby and the mother’s bonding process without the interruption of discomfort.
  • - The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow features a leg support that elevates your legs while you sleep taking the pressure of your back and growing tummy.
  • - The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow is ergonomically designed so that it doesn’t take too much room in the bed, creating the optimal sleep environment for all in the bed.
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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow



Spare Dreamgenii Standard Pillow Cover

Spare Dreamgenii Standard Pillow Cover